The Art of Kissing

The Art of Kissing

Yes we are going to talk about sex. And if you have a problem, please don't read the following.

Do you consider yourself a good Kisser? Has your girlfriend/boyfriend complained about your kissing skills?

Its very important to remember that Kissing is an art.
Like with any art form, only a few are natural born kissers, the others have to do an effort to learn. Sadly only a few go ahead an do that effort.

The memory of soft, sensual kiss can remain for years.
Individuals with a higher level of sexual awakening consider a sloppy kiss a cardinal crime. So if your partner is more experienced than you, you might actually be using your lips in the wrong way.


1. The most important ingredient is that a Romantic Mood or a want for closeness should be present within both.
Forcing yourself for a kiss is more a sign of desperation.
2. Your heads should be in a comfortable position. You don't want to be straining your neck and lips to reach out the other person.
3. Keep Check on the Saliva... A sloppy kiss can sometimes be a major turn-off.
4. Remember the upper lip is more sensitive then the lower lip, so be gentle on the upper lip.
5. Breath - learn to control your breathing.. if you are nervous and taking deep breaths, the other person will automatically perceive it and become disinterested.
6. Don't start by doing what they do in porn movies. First get comfortable with each others proximity and each others lips.
7. While kissing let the passion be manifested through small strokes of your lips..
8. If you are venturing into the mouth with your tongue, be careful how you use the tongue... the ideal way is to touch the teeth gently and then play softly with the others tongue.
9. Most important is to have a kissing style that is comfortable for both.

Absolute No-No and recipe for a horrendous Kiss?

1. Being aggressive and forceful during the act.
2. Everybody isn't gifted with "ideal kissing lips".. its important to accept and learn how to overcome that short-coming.
if you are blessed with great kissing lips, always relying on the pout position is boring!!
3. Neck position is extremely important, trying to kiss like in the movies can create uncomfortable experiences.
4. Move yourself during a kiss.. Its like a dance between lips. Staying stagnant is so lame.
5. Let the other person also catch some breath in between kisses.
6. Make sure your Breath aint stinking!!! No one wants to kiss a dead fish.

Your body is your greatest instrument. So what does it have to do with kissing.. Well practically everything.. Kissing is all about Body Language:

a. your eyes are the ones that suppose to light the fire
b. your hands lead the way. Every touch matters during a kiss. And how you use your hands is essential.
c. your legs signal the calm and composure you have. They give you power.
d. it wouldnt be fun is your back, shoulders aren't relaxed.

Variations of Kissess you can practice-
a) Butterfly kiss:
Bring your partners face close to yours and flutter your eyelashes rapidly on his or her face.

b) Earlobe kiss:
Deeply seductive,this will require you to suck and nibble the earlobe of your partner and sensitise nerve endings located in the region.

c) Melt kiss:
Like the seductive scene from the film 9 1/2 weeks,blindfold your partners eyes and exchange surprising items from the fridge by placing it in your mouth and while you kiss,transferring it into theirs.Ice cube,fruits,chocolates,candies and jelly are excellent options.

d) Nip kiss:
This is when you start to get frisky and nibble your partners lip a little as you kiss.It suggests a playful,aggressive maneuver,which if appreciated can be taken on further into a full French smooch.


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  1. Dear Dr. Mittal: Enjoyed these suggestions as how to express the perfect kiss; in time for Valentine's Day~! Thank-you~! "X" :)