Simple Questionnaire to assess your level of satisfaction with yourself!

(Answer in Yes/Maybe/No)

1. Are you not satisfied with your life is going?
2. Have you lost interest in your daily activities and hobbies?
3. Do you feel that your life is empty?
4. Do you often find yourself bored with yourself?
5. Are you sad for most of the time?
6. Are you afraid that something bad is going to happen to you?
7. Do you often feel nobody can help you out from this situation?
8. Do you prefer to stay at home, rather than going out and doing new things?
9. Do you feel you have more problems with your memory?
10. Do you miss having a refreshing sleep ?
11. Do you think of going away to some distant place or committing suicide?
12. Do you feel worthless ?
13. Do you feel hopeless about your situation?
14. Do you think that most people are better off than you are?
15. Do you feel lazy and lethargic for most of the day?

Give yourself 2 point for every yes, 1 point for every not-sure (yes and no), 0 points for every No that you have answered.

Score yourself

Now Add up your points and read the one applicable to you:

Total Score of :

a. Less than 10- You are satisfied in life... and well equipped to fight stress and depression

b. Between 10 - 20 – your are battling stress with occasional mood swings...
You need the support and Love of your friends, family.
Also need to express your personality through work apt for your personality.
Being positive is most important.

c. Between 21 - 25 – You are at a cross road in life.. You don't know where to go, or what to do..
You feel that life is a continuous fight of one problem against other. You might experience severe episodes of mood swings, anger and irritation.

The danger of leading yourself into the comfort zone of darkness is extremely real.

There is an immediate need for re-structuring your lifestyle. You need to develop a customized and flexible psychological plan of action which will help you in moving towards the light of peace.

You need to concentrate on having a well coordinate, goal-directed activity, that keeps your mind occupied and away from thoughts of stress and depression.

A regular practice of meditation techniques is required for 2-3months.

You will need a constant counseling support from someone that can listen to you, understand you, and give you practical approach.

d. Between 26- 30 - You stand in the darkest zone,
Your emotional and psychological defenses are at the weakest.
You are fast losing love for yourself and for life...
You are looking to run away...

It’s time to seek external help.

Many might have tried to counsel you, but time to seek a more professional and rapid approach to provide rapid relief.

A failure to seek help at this stage can lead to mental burn-out which manifests as nervous-break down and even give birth to altered reality.

(This is a generalized questionnaire.. Based on scientific research... The most important is that one is truthful in answering...
answers might fluctuate based on personality...
Take this as a guide to find if stress and depression is troubling you beyond the normal...)

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