Teachers are no longer God - They are human Beings!!!

"A 6yr old Girl in upscale #school of #Bangalore #raped by her skating instructor.!"

"A 3yr old brutally kicked, punched and beaten up by her tutor, in upscale #Salt #Lake area of #Kolkatta"

"A basketball instructor who sent obscene online messages to his female students"


#India is a country which has always considered Teachers to God.
Unfortunately in todays world that is just an age old myth, which prompts society and parents to blindly trusting and believing that teachers are pious and holy people.

The reality of life is that we live in a world dominated by money, desires and power.
Teaching is one of the lucrative avenues to attain these.
Teachers are Human Beings... and schools are doing a lucrative business where they don't always check the Teachers they employees.

As a #psychiatrist I have meet hundreds of children who have suffered at the hands of teachers.

Why teachers do it?
1. Teachers are human beings - they suffer from clinical depression, anger issues, anxiety, stress, obsessive compulsiveness and psychotic thoughts.
NO SCHOOL does a regular psychological profiling of their teachers.
They are just appointed based on certificates or recommendations.

2. Teachers carry their family troubles at work - irritations and angers of family tensions are taken out on children.

3. Teachers live under the delusion they know everything. And are superior. This makes them believe they can abuse children.

4. The great majority of Teachers have no knowledge of child psychology and forget they know anything about child psychiatry.
They do some stupid 2-3day training which gives them a delusional belief of knowing what child psychology is.
I have seen idiotic teachers verbally abusing children with Learning disorders and they go on recording suggesting "abuse" as the only corrective measure present for such student.

5. Teachers tend to discriminate between children, based on parents profile or child marks. This makes them angry and spiteful against other students.

How does it affect the child?
I have met hundreds of children suffering from the abuse and atrocities of their teachers -
1. A child can develop severe clinical depression, which will decrease his brain performance for life time.
2. Child becomes fearful. The fear eventually will hamper his performance in life at later stages.
3. Child bed wets, doesn't eat properly, doesn't sleep well, shows unwanted anger, fights with siblings/friends, has uncontrollable mood swings - because he/she needs to vent out the frustration of being abused by the teacher.
4. Words spoken in anger or beatings given can create a post-traumatic distress in the childs mind, which will eventually mark his/her for life.
5. Child might develop memory and concentration problems because of fear of teachers behavior.
6. Child might become introvert because of the teachers abuse.
7. Sexual abuse or even obscene comments or sex-texting - are behaviors which can change the psyche of a child for ever.

What needs to be done by the School?
1. De-sensitize the teachers - Remove the "god" concept from their mind. Make them understand they are service providers and accountable for each action.

2. There should be CCTV camera monitoring of the classes and the behavior of the teachers should be monthly assessed.

3. Psychological profiling should be done for each teacher and available online for parents to have a transparency.

4. Have psychiatric workshops - where teachers are taught that Punishment like beating or abusing.. are inhuman and destroy the mind of a child.
A teacher has to be sensitised to avoid such behavior in any case.

5. In case of weak student or ADHD students, teachers should consult psychologists and read/learn about any Learning disorder the child is suffering from.

6. Immediate police complain and strict action should be taken against any teacher found showing physically abusive or sexually provocative behavior towards a child.

What Parents need to do?
1. Listen to the child - they don't always lie. They know what they are suffering from.
2. analyse the behavior of a child - there is always a reason for why he/she is behaving in a different fashion. Its not just "age related naughtiness"

3. Always keep a channel open with the child - if you cannot talk to him, tell the child to draw, email or sms you his problem.
Listen to the problem.. and don't be judgemental.

4. if a teacher is found guilty Don't try to cover up everything. - LET GO attitude only makes you a weak, impotent parent in the mind of your child.
And it will come out later in life as abusive behavior towards you.

Lead by example - Make sure a complaint is done with the school management.
And Also a police complaint is done.
Such teachers should be jailed and punished.. else you cannot setup an example to follow righteousness for your child and society.


written by -

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Psychiatrist, Motivational Writer and Counselor)
email – eksoch@gmail.com
website – www.mindmantra.in
twitter- @sai_ki_artist
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