The forgotten TRUTH - Enlightenment that YOU have experienced.

Whenever you are in clinical depression or clinical levels of anxiety, your mind tends to "detach" from "worldly" matters. Nothing seems to affects you.

Many people wrongly call this "enlightment" or attainment of "higher self". It gets funnier when these people preach the same to others.

The truth is that, your mind has actually gone into a "shut down" mode. You have "bottled up" all desire and emotions. You are depressed and lack love in your life. And one day when you will come out of depression, your mind will bring everything out. With loads of anger and restlessness.

Someone on the true path of enlightenment with always find himself experiencing emotions. Happiness or sadness, he will accept them, enjoy them and learn from them.

The meaning of detachment is having confidence that happiness or sadness will come and go but I am ready to experience and accept them.

This would eventually lead to the following -

1. Living in the moment detached from expectations
2. Healing the Past - Healing Relationships with your Parents & Family/Friends
3. A deep desire to Travel as a mode of learning.
4. Feeling blessed for having had Unhealthy, Toxic & Stuck Relationships in his life. Learns to thank them for their emotional teachings and moves ahead without having negativity against them.
5. Loves self - automatically controls on diet, addictions and indulges in exercise/yoga/meditation.
6. The mind is no longer dominated by social rules, expectations and obligations. They are just present.
7. He Becomes a Constant Learner & Student of Life - Never feels knowledgeable or has desires to dominate on others. Is always learning even from the bad.
8. Is happy being alone or around people of like mentality. Has the ability to adjust to any place and any person without letting their ego affect him.
9. Automatically creates new relationships and new lifestyle.
10. Aligns himself with his career. If he wants changes it.. else accepts the current career and moves smoothly into it, with full dedication.

Now you might tell me this is not possible.!!
This is just good for motivational books and motivational speaking!!!

As a psychiatrist, I daily observe who get into these phases and then forget it.
I would like to tell you, that most of you have experienced this but forgotten it.

When you fell in love, when you got married, when your first child was born, when you bought your first car... for a few days you experienced this.. and then forgot it.

This is not just motivational writing. This is reality. You yourself can clear the negativity in the mind. You yourself can attain that peace. The need is to just focus in the right direction.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
Psychiatrist, Motivational Speaker, Counsellor

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