Lose Weight at Home

Lose Weight at Home

Body weight and Body structure is largely dependent upon a persons self-esteem. Very few have the capacity to be happy and content with their body size irrespective of social pressures. The great majority lies onto the opposite pole, where even the slightest of "comments" can bring about severe decrease in self-esteem and self-image.

"Weight Gain" is a modern day emotional and behavioral disorder, which is secretly fought within the minds of those suffering from it. 90% suffers of "weight gain",  love to live in denial for the greatest time possible. Quick fix solutions to remove unwanted "fat" from desired area within hours, day or weeks, makes them even more casual in their approach towards healthy lifestyle.

Losing weight isn't very difficult. Losing weight doesn't need to be a torture. Losing weight can happen at home.

1. Eat to suit your body not your mind.
scientific fact - the part of your brain that controls hunger or the brain appetite center is affected by the emotions you experience.
The more emotional or mentally restless you get, the more your hormones and chemicals your brain secretes. These stimulate the brain appetite center to increase hunger.

Remember - Eat whatever you want, but within the portions that suit your body not your mind.

2. It becomes impossible to control your hunger.
scientific fact  -once triggered, the brain appetite center can increase your hunger unimaginable levels. At that very moment nothing seems more important than eating, and controlling hunger becomes impossible.

It might not be possible to control your hunger, but its possible to control what you put in your mind.
When feeling extremely hungry, chew gum, drink juices or eat vegetables/fruits.

3. Eat don't starve.
scientific fact - starvation leads the body into "salvation mode". This means every thing you eat is converted into fat and stored for time of decreased energy levels.

The biggest mistake people make in the name of diet is to starve. Remain hungry for hours and days. Never starve yourself, eat regularly and in controlled portions.

4. Diets are boring.
Scientific fact - Most people default on diets because of the lack of taste they experience. Diets are considered as tortures.

Learn to cook healthy. A new breed of specialized cooking classes have started which teach you "low calorie" food whihc taste equal or better than "high calorie" food.

I personally attended the classess organised by "The Cilantro Kitchen" in mumbai (you can search for them on Facebook or google). And I today make some great low calorie food using oil, choclates, cream, etc.

5. Exercise is good but not the best weapon.
scientific fact - In a short period of time, 80% of a desired body weight can be lost by diet control, compared to 20% lost by exercise.

Exercise are important to increase your body metabolism. That means, when you keep eating, your body gets within the habit of accumulating fat. Exercise makes sure that your body breaks this habit.

You don't need to hit the gym and hurt every single muscle in your body. Just resolve to brisk walking, good stretching, walking up and down the stair case, dancing in front of the t.v., etc for 20-30min at least 3times a week.

6. Laugh
Scientific fact - Laughter is a wonderful fat burner. It increases your metabolism, helps you burn calories and keeps you happy

7. Go shopping
Shopping is a wonderful de-stressing activity. It also requires a lot of physical activity. While going for shopping make sure you take breaks at regular intervals. During these intervals makes sure that you Sit down, relax, have water and donot eat. 
Stop the habit of ending your shopping expeditions with huge meals. Instead celebrate with a fresh fruit juice.
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  1. Well its a well known fact that the articles and updates of Dr Mittal are a great source of knowledge and correction for us
    And this article on weight management is indeed a awesome prescription. I am myself going to follow this after holi as on holi i will have to eat a lot hahhahah
    thanks to dr mittal for his valuable contribution

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  3. very much like it,i'm a big foodie,as well as wanted to look slim also.will try but not sure