Is lack of SLEEP causing you problems?


1.    Normal Sleep Requirements

Age and condition

Average amount of sleep per day
5–12 years
9–11 hours
Adults, including elderly
7–8 (+) hours
Pregnant women
8(+) hours

2.    Sleep debt
Sleep debt is the "time gap" created in the body, due to difference in-between perfect sleep and not getting enough sleep. 
For example If  an adult who needs 8hrs of perfect sleep just gets 6hrs, then his body is deficient by 2hrs. 
As the debt keeps increasing, the body requires more and more energy to perform regular functions. This prompts the brain to "shut-down" many processes, leading to emotional, psychological and physical fatigue.
Over-eating, increased smoking/drinking, body pains, headaches, recurrent cold-cough are examples of increased body energy needs leading to shut-down of basic mind-body functions.

3.    Body Restoration
One of the major functions of sleep is to provide the body with a peaceful environment. It’s during this time that the body takes care of repairing, fighting and restoring any process outside the normal functioning.
Test have proven that decreased amount of “sound and restorative sleep”, leads to:
a.     Increased body pains
b.   Decreased body immunity - recurrent illness like cold, cough, skin infections(acne), hair fall, etc.
c.     Decreased  healing of wounds
d.    Decreased production of essential hormones. 
e.  Decreased Sexual Performance.

4.    Memory
Extensive research has shown that lack of proper sleep, causes changes within the brain structure. 
Sign of brain structure changes is the inability to concentrate for longer periods, inability to take decisions at the same speed as earlier, problems remembering recent topics (like where things are kept, what was spoken a few hours ago, tasks at hand, etc). 
This causes a decrease in personal and professional performance of an individual.

5.    Dreaming
Dreams are extremely important for the proper functioning of the conscious and subconscious mind. They are an outlet of release of emotions and also can tell a lot about a person's future course of action. 
Lack of Proper sleep can induce negative dreaming patterns. These are not only disturbing to the conscious but also tend to induce negativity within life. 

Sleep is an essential body process, which majority of people neglect. Don't let your body-brain-mind suffer, get your problems cured today.

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  1. Special cases where a pregnant woman not able to sleep throughout 9 months of pregnancy.then what is the solution???

  2. a sleep analysis has to be done..
    it could be severe stress to hormonal disbalance..
    rectifying the same can help cure the problem.

  3. is lazyness or in otehr words not willing to do things that really u want to do a symptom of insufficient sleep

  4. In case you are stressed in business and going through an extremely rough patch of your professional life, you know its a matter of time but, since you are addressing each and every issue on hour to hour basis, but, alas..nobody is willing to accept it and continuous harassment (direct and indirect from family), You do not take any transient escape route and sleep a peaceful 8 hours sleep is the biggest priority in life at present.
    You value your relationship. And do not want to play 20/20 cricket with you life!

    I know that if I approach a Psychiatrist, he will put me on some sleep inducing drug or anxiolytics or anti-depressants...which, I am not willing to consume. Have tried every thing in the book including yoga.

    Now, what do you do?
    What is your suggestion?

  5. @annoymous

    1. having apprehension against medications, shows that you need to increase your knowledge about the same..
    not all sleeping pills or anti-depressants are habit forming, life-long therapies.

    2. your mind might be addicted to negativity. its important to break it

    3. fighting yourself is taking majority of your day..need to stop that

    email me at -
    for in detail discussion

  6. i'am studying medicine 1st year ijust sleep for4 or 5 hrs bcoz as u know how much hardwork we shud do,so nowadays i'am nt able to do things fastly lyk reading and hairfall,increased apetite so can u suggest me what i shud do?