The World Cup of Cricket and Your Health

The World Cup of Cricket and Your Health

Cricket is just not a game, but a passion and religion within the sub-continent. Its biggest extravaganza, the world cup is here. As the matches get more and more intresting, they ignite the passion and excitement within the viewers.

Unfortunately the extreme excitement that some matches generate can create a problem in certain individuals. The extreme excitement triggers the brain to increase the blood circulation by multiple times. This increased blood circulation causes release of various chemicals which leads to, physical effects like:
a. increased pressure over the heart
b. extreme anxiety- seen as tremors in the hands, sweating,
c. breathlessness
d. extreme flow of blood in the brain
e. you might feel dizzy, or light headed, even some may faint
f. sudden increase in body temperature
g. feeling your own heart beat.

If left uncontrolled these symptoms can lead to :
a. heart attacks
b. panic attacks
c. bad dreams
d. sleep troubles
e. extreme irritation and anger
f. post-traumatic stress, with flash back images roaming in the mind
g. mental restlessness
h. bad digestive system
i. decreased immune system
j. headaches
k. decreased sex drive
l. depression
In simple language, the excessive flow of blood can cause the breakage of veins in certain individuals. The individuals most susceptible are:
a. those who have high blood pressure
b. those with heart problems.
c. those who are extremely sensitive personalities
d. those who have been diagnosed or under treatment for generalised anxiety or OCD
e. those who have breathing problem
f. those who have addictions like smoking and alcohol.

Such individuals, during exciting and tense moments, should:
a. use methods like deep breathing to calm their nerves
b. drink more water
c. offer a prayer with closed eyes (if they believe in god)
d. avoid the tense situations
e. keep blood pressure or anti-stress medicines handy.
f. avoid heavy foods and heavy drinking during the match.

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