Facebook - A New Way of Living Life on the Edge?

Facebook is one of the marvels of modern world. Not only has it created a virtual platform for people to socialize, but also created deep impact on the emotional and behavioral patterns of millions.

It provides a great platform for people to express their views, educate, socialize and even develop long lasting relationships.
Like all great inventions, it also has had some negative impacts. Specially in people with high degree of dependency, restlessness, sensitivity or loneliness."Case History" of such individuals range from those who have broken committed relationships based on the "relationship status" changes to those who attempted suicide based on online "bullying" or "embarrassment".
Facebook is a very powerful social tool, regular users tend to slowly develop love and affection for Facebook.
Such is the love for Facebook, that those who love it , can develop separation anxiety or symptoms of restlessness, stress, excessive thought generation, decreased sleep, concentration and even chest pain if they remain away from it for more than few hours or days.

Facebook love is a fatal attraction for many. Its like standing on the edge of your personal-professional life and preparing to dive into the abyss of the virtual world.

If you have more than 6 of the following traits, than you run the danger of becoming another "case-history" where a person breaks a committed relationship or commits self-harm because of Facebook.  It's time to be careful before as your subconscious mind is has started moving apart from real personal and professional life. This happens-

1. When you are ready to put off important work or use your study time to browse through Facebook and go through the photos that have been uploaded by various friends and family.

2. When you have access to the internet on your mobile phones and you always tend to visit the Facebook page at least once a day. You are always craving to know what is new on you profile.

3. You tend to have a rift or an argument with your partner or significant other about comments they have made on facebook.
4. You are on a rat race to add more friends to your list and always looking to add people.

5. You tend to get frustrated if you do not find a person you are looking for on Facebook.

6. You tend to check your profile at least 3 times a day. You need to know the latest as soon as you wake up in the morning, you will be browsing through this site whenever you are free and you will definitely check it once more before you retire for bed.

7. You will update your status at least 3 times a day. You will make sure the whole world knows what is happening with you. You will upload any photo you click. You will drown in your sorrows through Facebook and share all your good times too. Facebook is your life.

8. Over the months of facebook usage, you now require more time to get the same satisfaction levels.

9. You spend lot of your productive time thinking about what to post, how to get more people to like your posts/photos, etc.

10. Decreased or no access to facebook causes distress or impairs social, personal functioning such as wondering, mental restlessness, irritation, aggression, anger, thinking about what others might be thinking about you, etc etc.

Thanks for reading

Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS,PGDPM, MBPS, MD(mindmantra))

Motivational Speaker - Mind Trainer –
Emotional, Behavioral, Sleep, Memory and Sexual Health Consultant at Mind Mantra.
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  1. Interesting reading about Fb addiction.

    Dr Ravi Bhushan

  2. thanks a lot sir. really appreciate your comment.
    the objective is to make the common man understand.

  3. nice workshop on fb.............
    i really appriciate u..
    thanks sir...........

  4. sick!its true n is happening in every life of facebook user.......

  5. any suggestions on how to over come this,sir?!

  6. believe me. ,its an ultimate truth,what you said. . .i've found more than six things fitting in with me. N0w m g0na cope with al that fuzul nd futile kinda things. ,thanks a milli0n for jolting our conscious. . .impressive. . !