Life after 30? (part 1)

1. Within the Indian Society, does life change for men and women after 30? If Yes then How?

a. Yes, there is a change in life.
The change happens at all levels of health, namely social, physical and psychological.

At social levels – 
For those not married, society makes sure that marriage becomes the central topic of discussion whenever their name is mentioned.
Match-making “process” is put in full throttle, and everyone known jumps to counsel the person in question about the benefits of marriage, even if they are unhappy with their own.

For those who deny it, or want more "freedom", Eyebrows are raised. And the concept of "marigable" age adds fuel to further character assassination.

For those married, the society pressurises for kids. 
And if kids are present than further demands of own house, stable income, car, etc, etc are always present.

At physical levels-

The 20’s are the most active age of human life cycle. An individual is exposed to new ideas, new ways of living, starts earning, and gets accommodated into the “adult world”.
The long need of an adolescent to be identified as an adult is finally met.
It’s this time that also consumes a lot of physical resources. As men and women get into their comfort zones, the care for one’s body takes a back stage.
Post 27yr most men have given up the idea of “fitness”
And most women start adopting the same.

Post 30yr, the need of “fitness” is hardly felt so. Weight gain, sleep disturbances, poor eating habit, headaches, decreased stamina, increased alcohol and tobacco intake are common factors for decreased physical levels.

Cosmetic changes, hormonal changes are felt due to lack of physical fitness and proper diet.

Psychological levels-
Psychologically, as men and women mature, the rebellious adolescent nature starts to die down.
The integration into “Society” starts to be completed. Its this time that factors like family responsibility, financial needs, personal desires, etc start to dominate once actions.
As per newtons law, "every action has an equal and opposite reaction"  The amount of psychological energy pumped into creating a healthy living, is many times ricocheted back in the form of stress, anxiety and clinical depression.

Relationships also start having a more deeper meaning, and clash of personalities between co-workers, family and friends start having longer lasting psychological impact. 
These over-all add up to the stress load that a person carries.

2. With new found western influence, Is the life different in metro cities?

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