Mind Training Exercise For You

Mind Training

If you want to stay fit, you go to a gym, for a walk, do yoga, in one way or the other train your body. But when it comes to the mind, everyone expects it too be perfect.
Mind training is helping your mind channelise emotional energy to get the desired results.
Like in case of body training, it doesnt produce miracles in one day or one week or one month, but slowly and continously it can make changes which can amaze you.
Mind Training helps you channelise your energies in such a way, that you can increase your concentration, memory power, control appettite, control your weight, protect yourself from stress, etc etc... the possibilities are infinite.

A small exercise to help you channelise your emotional energy,

1. 1st step is to relax your mind.

shut yourself from the world. close all mobile phone, music players, laptops, any other diversions.

start with deep breathing. Every breath you take, count backwards from 15 to 1.

2. by the time you reach one, close your eyes and focus on the energy inside you.

3.its important that you feel the energy... it can be a positive energy or a negative energy... feel it.

4. slowly feel the energy being in your control. Imagine it moving around at your command, you can lead it anywhere you want.

5. Once you have gained control of that energy, focus on utilising that energy.
if you want to increase your concentration power, than see yourself directing it too increase your concentration power.
if you want to decrease your appetite, see it controling your appetite.

6. experience it helping you for around 30seconds to 1minute.

7. Then again start deep breathing and count from 1 to 15.
Open your eyes and experience the change in you.
Do this exericise at least 2 times a day.
Consult your doctor in case of any difficulty.
Patients of high blood pressure, clinical depression, diagnosis of mania/schizophrenia, should avoid such.
thanks for reading,
dr.hemant mittal (MBBS, PGDPM)
for personal free online consultation - eksoch@gmail.com

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