The side effects of Internet/Computer Games

Did you know that more than two hours a day spent watching t.v. or playing internet/computer games could put you or your child at a greater risk of developing emotional and behavioral problems.?

Recent studies from USA and European medical researchers have found that spending more than 2hours spent on watching television or playing video games on daily basis increases the risk of psychological problems.

With more than 1000 participants per research,  the evaluating teams included neurologist, psychiatrists and psychologists. It compromised of detailed interviewing of parents, kids, friends and family members of the participants, to analyze their emotional, behavioral, sleep, concentration and memory patterns before and after developing a daily pattern of 2hrs or more of t.v./ video-games.

Thousands of kids were interviewed in regard to time spent doing physical activity, time spent daily in front of television/computer games, emotional state, behavioral patterns, social interaction with parents, family and friends, sleep patterns, memory and grades obtained in school.

The major finding was that children who had more than 2hr daily exposure to watching TV or playing computer games had upto 60 percent lesser performance in the all of the above mentioned criteria.

The study shows that adults indulging in a similar behavior have higher grade of coping problems than the children.

The 11 psychological problems that almost every single individual (child/adult) develops as side-effect of becoming "addicted" to internet/computer games are :-
  1. Increase in mood swings and mental restlessness.
  2. Behavioral problems - increased violence, rage, change in language patterns and disrespect to adults
  3. Decline in memory performance
  4. increase in Body pain, gastric problems and decreased immunity.
  5. Attention and concentration problems. Even forgetting simple things like day and time.
  6. Detrimental school performance (as the time spent in video games increased the marks/grades obtained at school decreased)
  7. Family and social interaction problems. Child remains alone or negative approach to relationships and society.
  8. Decreased restorative sleep.With increased body and eyes movement during sleep.resulting in stunted growth patterns.
  9. Greater chance of loosing into a fantasy world.
  10. Withdrawal effects on suddenly stopping TV/computer- these include restlessness, nightmares, panic attacks, irritation, fever, anger, lack of sleep.
    Most of them are unable to stop because they cannot take these severe withdrawal effects. A great majority require immediate treatment for these withdrawal effects elsewise can induce development of permanent anxiety disorder or clinical depression.
  11. More than 300% increases in chance of acquiring smoking, alcohol, cannabis or drug addictions.

Psychological problems further increased if there was a less than an hour of moderate exercise on daily basis, lack of nutritious diet and sedentary life style.

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