Your Mind is the King

Today I will share with you a small exercise which I normally get opportunity to conduct with those who visit me at my wellness clinic.
It's a pleasant journey using the power of Imagination.

I want you to relax. Take 5 deep breaths, let your muscles loose, for the next 5 minutes just let me help you.

I want you to go back in time. As back as your mind can allow you. Then imagine yourself standing in the middle of a big and rich kingdom. No one can see you but you can see everyone.

As you turn around and take a look, you find the kingdom is blessed with a,
a powerful King,
a flamboyant and beautiful Queen,
an intelligent courthouse,
the strongest army in the world
and the happiest people.

See how the King rides on his favorite horse through the streets of his kingdoms.
As he crosses one street after other, Feel the love. The love he has for his people and the love they have for him.

The queen is his beautiful companion, who easily changes roles as she interacts with the people. For some she is a motherly figure. While others look upon her as sister and others as daughter.

The army finds pride in protecting its people, and making sure no one ever dares to even look negatively towards the kingdom.

The courthouse is full of priests and learned men, who help deliver honesty, ethics and law.

Happiness is all over, and everything looks perfect.

Now look at yourself. This Kingdom is yourself-

The King is your Mind.

The queen is your Heart.

The army is your immune system

The courthouse are the organs of your body

and The people represent your entire self.

If one day the King stops doing his duty with positivity and becomes negative every one would suffer.

Similarly when your Mind becomes negative and restless, your Body suffers. The 7 commonest Mind induced Body problems which 99% people fail to recognize are:

1. Gastric Problems - This happens when the mind is caught within thoughts. A single or group of thoughts never leave the mind.
2. Low Back Pain - When the mind is engrossed by a Fear of the future.
3. Baldness - When one is trying to control too many things at one time.
4. Headaches - Excessive self criticism.
5. Hypertension - Stuck in the past.
6. Sleep Problems - Lack of faith in life, god and self.
7. Heart Problems - Lack of joy in life

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  1. This is an excellent example for the positivity we can create within ourselfs to get rid of many problems. Need to change our thoughts coz our thoughts are wt we are.

  2. Everyday is special if u think so.
    Every moment memorable if u feel so.
    Everyone is unique if u see so.
    Life is beautiful if u live so.

  3. Dr. Hement

    I would like to open discussion on your subject on public platform. Would you join me ? I am disagree on some point. make me correct.


  4. sanjay you can email me at
    with your queries.

    i am sorry but time constraints due to my work load make it impossible for me to have an open forum discussion.

    cheers :)

  5. Wonderful exercise for clients transformation.

  6. wow, it works.
    i tried it.
    im feeling quite relax now.
    thanks doc