Nervous BreakDown

Nervous breakdown is one of the most common neuro-psychological problems that affect people. In modern day, everyone from Movie actors, politicians to the common corporate sector worker has suffered at least one episode of the same.

Secretly all of them take treatment for the same, to help them recover from it and have a long productive life.
Those who don't take treatment, keep experiencing a decreased personal, professional, social and sexual performance with time.

What is Nervous BreakDown?
It’s the physical manifestation of extreme stress. Imagine a Steel Glass. Lets say it can carry 300ml of water.. If suddenly you pour 1litre of  water into it, one the water will spill over... second the glass may topple off due to the force of water.
Similarly when  our mind is exposed to sudden excess stress, all personality and neurological defenses are broken leading to extreme signs and symptoms.

What are the symptoms? 
Seven of more of the following are present:
1. sudden sense of numbing.
2. Person doesnt care about his/her surroundings.
3. outbursts of behavioral complaints.  - people feel that he/she is acting like "mad" for a few minutes.
4. extremely fast heart beats... one can feel his/her own heart beating.
5. sweating
6. trembling or shaking
7. feeling breathless, as if someone is obstructing the wind pipe.
8. sudden severe chest pain or discomfort
9. a person feels unsteady and might tend to faint. 
10. detachment from reality.
11. sudden rise of body temperature
12. amnesia- inability to recall the period for which such a period last.
13. talking or behaving like "possessed" by someone else.
14. physical self harm- this can range from minor of banging hands/head into wall to severe cutting hands or attempting suicide.
15. extreme fear - fear can be against someone wanting to harm them, or generalized fear without any reason.

Why to Treat it?
Nervous Breakdown is an devastating episode of extreme stress. The frequency of such episodes depends on the personality of each individual.

Once triggered, the frequency of episodes can keep increasing.
Even one such episode is destructive for the nervous tissue. Leading to neuronal damage in the brain.
Immediate cure for the same should be looked upon for.

How to Treat it?

a. Professional Counseling - Professional Counseling is different from the counseling given by friends and family. It involves analysis of personality, psychological history of an individual, and planned progressive approach to targeting the stress. 
Its can be legally administered only by a professional psychiatrist or psychologist.

b. Holistic Cure-  I advocate a holistic approach to such a problem. The holistic approach includes, analysis of the problem, medical and physical examination of the individual, and a detailed 40min counseling session with the individual.
First is to judge the stage of the problem. If its at advanced stage, then initial medications are needed to boost the nervous system. 

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