Life and the Cake of Happiness

Imagine you where gifted the most beautiful, tasty, perfect and delicious cake made in your city.
Just the mouth watering look and sweet smell of the cake wants you to immediately put a small piece in your mouth. As you lips close, you feel its softness melting in your mouth. As you slowly chew, the variety of flavors trigger your taste buds creating an heavenly feeling that takes you away from the world.

But there is one condition to eat it this cake?

You might say, Oh that's easy! 


STEP 1- 
Remember you are dying to eat that delicious cake. You want to have a major piece of it. So who will you choose to share it with.?

You can choose only 2, so that means everyone else will not get to eat it. Are you ready to lie or fight everyone else for the happiness of 2?

Are you ready to give up your share for your 3 best friends/family members to enjoy the cake.?
What if they enjoy it, and don't give you credit.?

Every family member/friend wants to be selected. What will you do?

What if you let others enjoy it and you never ever get a chance to eat such an amazing cake again in your entire life. After all it is being gifted to you?

STEP 2- 
If you are able to find an answer to STEP 1. The second step is even tougher.


Remember you are dying to eat it. Similarly are the other 2 persons you have chosen.

Everyone wants to have the biggest piece.!

Logic says, Everyone should have an equal sized piece.

But would that be fair to you? After all you earned it. The others are just lucky you invited them?

The other 2 might think, you invited them, so you have to take more care of them. So you have to sacrifice your portion, and give them bigger pieces. Will they understand your sacrifice or they expect you to sacrifice?
or Will they demand you to sacrifice?
even if you do it, Will they later appreciate your sacrifice?

And if you don't sacrifice, the others might judge you as Selfish?

By this time many of you might be thinking, was getting this gift a real good or a curse... Weren't you happy before you got it.?
You didn't have to displease anyone?
You didn't have to lie/answer anyone?
You didn't have others expectations to live upto?
Your own desires didn't need to be squashed to keep others happy?


The CAKE is the gift of Happiness you get at different phases of life.
The CONDITION is social rules that you battle to be able to enjoy this happiness.
The FAMILY AND FRIENDS WHO YOU HAVE TO CHOSE FROM are those people around you who directly or indirectly take your happiness away from you.
Those 2 INDIVIDUALS YOU CHOOSE to share your happiness are those closest to you. But for whom you have to be prepared to battle the society. And have a great communication bond with them.

its a gift that you don't get every day.
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  1. this material world is designed by the complete arrangement of the Lord to fulfill all the necessities of life for all living beings, without their having to encroach upon the life or rights of one another. This complete arrangement affords the proper quota of wealth for everyone according to his real needs, and thus everyone may live peacefully according to the principle of plain living and high thinking. Unfortunately, materialists who have neither faith in the plan of God nor any aspiration for higher spiritual development misuse their God-given intelligence only to augment their material possessions. They devise many systems—such as capitalism and materialistic communism—to advance their material position. They are not interested in the laws of God or in a higher goal. Always anxious to fulfill their unlimited desires for sense gratification, they are conspicuous by their ability to exploit their fellow living beings. by Srila Prabhupada - ISKCON FOUNDER

  2. Cake as a metaphor for Life reminds me of Dr. Spencers "Who moved my cheese"!
    Change is a door that can only be opened from inside. I do not blame the individual for these limitations nor the family or society. From formative years your mind is constantly conditioned by all and sundry. Unless, we have a new education system in place, the factory will continue to produce such handicapped versions of human being. We have to ensure to evolve collectively, which makes sense. Next 10 years we will witness this kind of deformed minds increasing in geometric proportions. With massive opportunities to make quick bucks increasing in India, we are going to see an American syndrome, joint families breaking up, nuclear families tend to break up, savings will go out of the windows, junk food outlets like KFC or MacDonald spoiling the health and mental health of Individuals, drugs and alcohol adding fuel to fire.
    Unless every individual understands this and make his eco system understand the danger of the transformations taking place and a right kind of education system is in place, we are going to have a bigger piece of cake (unfortunate, Doctors will have more case and people in pharma industry will be happy to get the Volumes).
    Anyway, Dr. since we represent the industry, we can put our best foot forward, you already are doing a fantastic job, I am doing my part by making people get out of Rat Race and give quality time for themselves and their family. Also intend to start an organization like Mindmantra in collaboration with Qualified friends. Would ensure like minded people to be part of us and try to educate them, Unlearning is tougher than learning. Already we are conducting free Yoga classes in open air beach side, not many people, from we three, now in four months have 16 active players. Slowly but surely we will make a difference in individuals, but, "Change is a door that can only be opened from inside."