Is your Brain not working as fast it used to?

Is your mind not performing as it used to?

Is your self confidence going down?

Are you becoming more and more negative?

Negativity is like a deep dark ditch. Once you fall into the same, the path outside becomes more and more difficult.
While everyone keeps telling you that "there is light at the end of the tunnel", how much you really believe them makes the real difference.

Read the following, give yourself a 1 point for every yes and 0 points for a no.

1. Life is really very hard. I often feel I should quit and run away.
2. There is no use of fighting against the situation, as whenever I try to stand up life again kicks me back to zero.
3. Trusting people is so difficult. I have been hurt so many times, that I even cann't think of trusting anyone.
4. People fail to understand me and how its hard for me to battle everyday.
5. I am just living for others. Not for myself.
6. Everyone else is bigger, better or badder than me. No matter how much I change, they are better.
7. Everyone is making fun of me. No matter how much I try, I cannot be part of the group.

If you have scored more than 4 than, your mind has been trapped into negativity.

This is destroying the brains cells related to productive and positive performance.

There is a light outside this tunnel of negativity..
Go out immediately and seek help, because you deserve to be happy and smiling.

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