facts about alcoholism

Alcohol Addiction few facts -

1. alcohol addiction  is a  psychiatric illness. It doesn't mean you are mad, it just means your brain-mind-body complex cannot sustain without intake of the substance.

2. alcohol addiction can destroy the brain and lead to madness. this doesn't happen to only those who are drinking for 25-30years, it can happen to anyone at anytime.

3. alcohol addiction is curable and there are medications that can help keep an alcoholic away from it.

4. an alcoholic will always try to leave alcohol for few months, only to pick it up again.

5. alcoholics also become professional liars and are very good at emotionally fooling people.

6. alcoholics at emotional and psychological level only love alcohol. they don't care much about other relationshisps.

7. The biggest culprits for alcoholism to spread are the family members of alcoholics, who always rely on HOPE THAT ONE DAY THEY WILL CHANGE... that day will never come.

Don't live in Shadows, come out and seek help..

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