Pain - The acting school of life

The majority of us love to watch movies. Actors are treated like gods in our society.

Take a moment to look into your inner-self. You will be surprised to see all the shah rukh khans, salman khan, aamir khans, madhuri dixits, kareena kapoors, ajay devgans and kajols inside you.

Pain is the greatest acting school that the great university of life teaches us.

As a neuro-psychiatrist specializing in emotional issues, Its my job to deal with emotions on a daily basis. I feel honored with each and everyone I meet at the clinic, as they teach me 3 very important things:

a. they have been battling pain for a long time.
b. they have learnt to hide their pain better than what anyone can think.
c. after battling pain for so long they finally have learnt to love themselves, thats why they are not brave enough to seek professional help.

Pain is an amazing teacher...It teaches you to conceal your inner self and act out.

The better the act, the more the pain.

Few days ago during a shoot, I met a yesteryear Bollywood actress. She would be sad, depressed, angry, irritated.. but as soon as the director shouted action, she would support a million dollar smile, talk to politely and behave as if she is the happiest person in the world.

Never judge a person... he/she who you think are the happiest, might actually be the saddest.


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