HOMOSEXUALITY - A social reality.

HOMOSEXUALITY - A social reality.

“ My parents want to get me married to a girl of their choice. The problem is that I have homosexual preferences. What should I do?” –  25yr, Businessman.

“I am ashamed doctor. My son has disgraced my family. 5 months ago we got him married.  For so long he never touched his wife. Yesterday we found out he is gay!!!  My son’s gay!!!! I am shattered!!! My name in the society is all gone now!!!” – 58yrs govt. Employee

“I got married 3yrs ago, but have never been happy with my husband. I am into a relationship with a building friend of mine. She and me are like soul-mates, now my husband wants to move away, I am so fearful of losing her” – 25yrs, Housewife

“Hello doctor, I have a dark secret which I haven’t shared with anyone. I am gay. I don’t know how I got this disease. Please help me” –  24yrs, Executive in MNC.

These are real life examples of individuals I have met in my clinic over the last few years.. Few out of the hundreds people who have consulted me secretly because they emotionally fail to battle the social stigma attached with their sexual orientation.

The Indian society is one that is evolving.
Thou over the years we have managed to battle many of our “illogical” orthodox belief systems, same-sex relationships are probably the biggest barrier that “neo” thinkers and social reformist face.

Science has already proved homosexuality to be a personal choice that doesn’t account for any mental illness.

What is homosexuality?
Medically - Homosexuality is a emotional and behavioural pattern defined by sexual, romantic or affectional  attraction between members of the same sex/gender.

Popular view - Its one of the greatest sins one can create.

Is homosexuality more common in men?
Medically - Homosexuality is equally present in men and women.

Popular view - people only concentrate on male homosexuality, forgetting about female behavior.

Is it a disease or mental disorder?
Medically - No It’s nor a disease nor a disorder in case of pure homosexuals.
But in many it can be a psychological adaptation due to the environment.
Thousands of psychological studies,  CT-scan, MRI-scans have proven that homosexuality is not a disease or disorder.

Popular view- Yes

How does one become homosexual?
Homosexuality is a personal choice, but how has the choice come into effect makes difference in entire profile of an individual.

1. Genetics – A pure homosexual individual, is one who is born with genetic code which directs the brain to follow homosexual relationships.

2. Childhood experience – sexual abuse or multiple episodes of same sex sexual interactions in childhood can condition the mind to favour same sex relationships.

3. Adolescence Curiosity – curiosity might lead an individual to read or watch materials related to homosexuality. This might leave an impact on the mind, creating a source of never ending thoughts related to the same. Constantly thinking about the same might ignite desire to experiment.

4.Living or Working Environment – an environment which is devoid of contact with the opposite sex makes expression of normal sexual desires difficult.
Single sex dominated environments like boys/girls Hostels, closed enclosures, working places (ships, oil rigs, military, construction), etc.

Even Peer group pressure  for same sex relationship is observed.

5.Failed relationships – A major failed relationship might imprint hatred against the opposite sex. Same sex relationships are seen as more comforting and understanding.
6. Poor Heterosexual sexual experience – Sexual intercourse is closely linked to the ego of an individual. Fear to perform, a poor or painful sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, might create extreme fear within an individual. This fear might promote an individual to go for same sex relationships.

We need the society to understand that Homosexuality is a sexual preference.
That doesn’t make a person different from any other individual.  He/She has the same emotions and physical desires as any other person.

Dr.Hemant Mittal - (MBBS,PGDPM, MBPS, MD(mindmantra))
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