The Invisible Hurt - Emotional Pain


Psychological pain is the one hurt that no one can see except your own self.
He who can read your eyes, can get a gateway into the extreme pain you might be feeling.

Here are 20 simple question, which will let you analyse the pain behind your eyes.
Answer only in yes or no.

1. Do you have difficulty falling asleep most of the nights in past 2 week?
2. Do you feel tired and worn out for major part of the day, for most days in past 2 weeks?
3. In the last six months, have you gained a lot of weight or lost a lot (not due to dieting)?
4. Has your sex drive decreased?
5. Has a parent or sibling have depression or any other emotional/behavioral problems?
6. Do you often feel that life is not worth living?
7. Do you have medium or high levels of stress on most days in past 2 weeks?
8. Do you have mood swings, which are not under your control?
9. Are you in a unhealthy or troublesome relationship?
10. Do you "put on a happy face" to hide feelings of sadness?
11. Can you count the number of times you have been happy in the last 2 weeks?
12. Do you sometimes feel out of control and lose all good judgement?
13. Have you lost your self-esteem, confidence for more than often in last 2 weeks?
14. Do you have problem concentrating or remembering things?
15. In last 1 year, Have you been though a traumatic event, such as broken relationship or divorce, family feud, death of a loved one, or losing your job?
16. Do you have any children and always worried about them?
17. Do you try to avoid dealing with other people?
18. Have you lost interest in things that you used to enjoy?
19. Do you have any constant pains, headaches, etc. that you have done all medical tests for still not come to know of the cause?
20. Do you have periods during which you feel unusually confident and ambitious and followed by periods extremely low and lonely?

If the answers are more than 12 "yes" it means you need Help.
Your brain is battling a very high level of emotional pain. Pain which your closed ones might see, but feel helpless while trying to help you.
Counseling, meditation and exercises might stop working as balm on your hurt.

The pain is constantly in an emotional loop where you keep coming back to square one again and again, feeling trapped and wanting to move out.

Your mind effect on the physical brain can be problematic for your neurological and physical self. Its time to protect your neurological system.

If you are among the 5% progressive and intelligent people in the society, that Consulting a good neuro-psychiatrist in your area could be one of the most healthy steps you take to PROTECT YOUR BRAIN.

If you are within the 95% who are fearful of meeting a psychiatrist. Who are ignorant about what a psychiatrist actually does, and still label them as "mad man doctor", then make sure you increase your psychological defenses by surrounding yourself with loving friends/family, eating healthy, following a completely regulated life and above all loving yourself both practically and psychologically.

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