I was depressed and suicidal: Springsteen

An idol for millions around the globe and popularly known as The Boss by his followers,Bruce Springsteen has sprung a shocker on his fans by revealing he was once so depressed that he contemplated suicide.The Born To Run singer plummeted into dark emotional depths during the 80s when he was at the height of his success.Struggling to find balance with his blue collar upbringing in New Jersey,with suddenly being a millionaire rock star,Bruce wanted to take his own life in 1982 when he finished writing his acoustic masterpiece,Nebraska.My issues werent as obvious as drugs, Springsteen revealed.Mine were different,they were quieter just as problematic,but quieter.With all artists,because of the undertow of history and self-loathing,there is a tremendous push toward selfobliteration that occurs on stage.You cannot underestimate the fine power of self-loathing in all of this.You think,I dont like anything Im seeing,I dont like anything Im doing,but I need to change myself,I need to transform myself, he added.Bruce began seeing a psychotherapist in 1982 and has stuck with therapy for the past 30 years,which has helped him deal with tragedies in his life.

(TIMES OF INDIA, 26-07-2012)

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