Dowry - A push to suicide

Today Morning I met a 26yr old lady who attempted suicide a few days ago. Reason, her in-laws keep demanding more, and she feels so guilty for burdening her parents.
The thought process behind her actions - she is the cause of pain to both her in-laws (who are always shouting) and to her parents (who are always struggling to comply by demands)... the best solution is to destroy the cause.

Had it not been for one of her friends who brought her to my
 clinic, she might be one of the million woman out there whose painful stories are lost under the sands of time. One of the million who live with the unwanted baggage of emotional pain.

Dowry is one of the most acceptable cultural evils in India. From north to south, east to west, its amazing how people come up with thousands of explanations to justify this social evil.

A tradition which in my perspective just converts the whole sanctity of marriage into a flesh trade!!!

If unconditional love is something we all search for, dowry is the knife that pierces the heart of that unconditional love. Giving rise to only conditional love.

I have seen hundreds of such cases.. some come within months of being married, some come after years.

I have meet hundreds of those who advocate for it.
Everyone feels they are different.
They only do it as a display of affection for their child.

I wish someday we live in a world were love is no longer equated with materialistic possession. In the words of John Lennon - You may say, I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one... I hope some day you'll join us... And the world will be as one"


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