Modern definition of love

Lady: "How much do you love me?" 
Man: "Look at the sky and count the stars." 
Lady: "But, it's daytime..." 
Man: "exactly... ;)"

In modern India, the 3 words "I love you" are being used like loose change. Most young men and women are changing "romantic' partners as if they are changing tooth-brushes. 
Unfortunately this pattern is not uniform within the entire socie
ty. This behavior becomes really problematic when their is an emotional clash between someone for whom uttering those 3 words is a prayer and for he/she whom its just momentary happiness.

For someone who is accustomed to changing partners every few months or year, the hurt is just an excuse before he/she moves onto the next person that comes in their life.
But for someone who cares a lot about the value of the feeling and the words uttered, it can leave an emotional scar that might stay for life-time.

Love and Fall in love... but make sure its with someone of your personality type.

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