How to Talk to Girls?

Having traveled through this beautiful country, I realize one thing, that the one thing most guys are never thought is how to talk to a girl.

Everyday at my clinic I meet many adolescents and men who are introverts and find it great task to talk to a girl.

10 simple techniques -

 1 - Condition Your Mind - If you are shy or introvert, before you speak one word to any girl, make sure you repeat this 10 times in your head - "Girls/Women are human beings".
Every human being is equal, no one is better or lesser than other.

2 - Ice breaker - The first impression is very important. And 90% guys just over-do it. Some try to put on fake accents, other start with cheesy opening lines.
Keep it simple.. Tell your name, and ask her name.
Be confident - shake her hand and above all smile.

3 - Listen - Guys talk a lot. They just love to go on a talking trip. A friend of mine extremely popular among woman had one golden rule - he would listen to them.

4 - Get the clues - when you listen, you come to know what to ask and talk ahead.

5 - Don't Boost - guys have a natural tendency to start showing-off... They will go to any extent to impress. If you want a girl like that, surely do it.. but if you want a long lasting friend just be yourself

6. Don't live in illusions - guys create a lot of illusions. A small smile from a girl and they start thinking ... "She is mine, no one should talk to her"... "If not mine, not for anyone"... Seriously Stop being idiots!!!
Get into a relationship first... then make any ideas.

7. Understand Personalities - Every girl is not meant for you. Every girl has a different personality. Learn to see the personality of a girl. If it doesn't suit you, move ahead.

8. Keep sex aside for sometime - Its surprising but I have found that a great majority of Indian guys automatically start thinking about sex with a girl even from the 1st time they see her or meet her.
Physical attraction is great, but perversion is idiocy.

9 - Don't be used - so many guys let themselves be used in the name of friendship or love. So many guys spend precious time and money on a girl who is known to be flirting around with many others at the same time.
Many times it looks like an episode from Discovery Channel where males are trying to attract the female.

10 - Be a Man - Learn to move ahead in life. If a girl doesn't talk to you its not the end of the world. There is so much more to do.

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