How is your Selfishness satisfied?

Everyone is selfish that a truth..
Still many people land up visiting me with problems of depression, stress or fear even if their selfish desires came true.

The reason - selfishness compromises of 6 psychological parameters -

1. Time Limit - Your mind has a "mental clock", if your desires ain't fulfilled in this time frame, the mind starts detaching from the same.
The more restless you are the shorter your time limit.

2. Favourably Unique - Your selfishness should be satisfied in a way its better than everyone elses.

3. Reaction - your selfishness should trigger a reaction in others.

4. You and only You - Your selfishness should only benefit you and those you want. Not anyone else.

5. Accepted - Everyone should accept your selfishness and suppress their own. They should keep giving you love, care and kindness.

6. Unquestionable - Nobody should question you about your selfishness. Accepting that you have been selfish is difficult. It can trigger emotions from embarrassment to anger. So like to hide it under "greater ideals"

When all these 6 are satisfied, selfishness gives extreme pleasure and fulfilment. Else it can give rise depression, fear and anger.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
psychiatrist, motivational speaker and counselor
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