Laxmi Pujan - Corporate Handling of God.

No diwali is complete without a Laxmi Pujan. Whenever I see someone perform the entire rituals surrounding Laxmi Pujan, it reminds me of an corporate employee struggling to impress his boss -

1. Desire to prove yourself - The desire to have a successful laxmi pujan, originates from the basic need to prove yourself as good employee infront of the "big boss" - goddess laxmi.

2. Preparation - The laxmi pujan requires a lot of efforts. From cleaning the house to buying the prescribed materials. No matter how much you delegate these tasks, without completion of these preparations, your goal cannot be achieved.

3. Fear boosts performance - The fear that you might do something wrong in the pooja and land up insulting the "big boss" goddess laxmi, makes you consult elders or pandits. The fear boosts you to perform at the best level.

4. Relaxation and Happiness on successfully completing the pooja - One feels happy and celebrates on successfully completing the laxmi pooja.

5. Hope that efforts will pay - After completion a hope is established in your mind. Hope that you have been able to please the "big boss" - goddess laxmi, she will notice your efforts and bless you with favorable rise in life.

Everyone performing these rituals is doing a great thing by giving a piece of their time, a piece of their life to god.. these rituals become sweeter when they are performed with more of love than mechanical precision.

by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal (MBBS, DPM)
Motivational Speaker, Counselor and Psychiatrist.

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