Elder Men and Sexually Inappropriate Behavior

Over the last few years the society has become aware of high number of inappropriate sexual behaviors present in the Elderly.

While earlier it was covered and no one talk about it, today its become a reason for world wide embarrassment and/or legal implications.
From Bollywood to latest news, they all focus on elderly men caught in the "Act".

As a Doctor, whenever I treat such a case, the 3 most important questions regarding this are -

1. What is sexually inappropriate behavior?
Any Behavior thats done with the intent of sexual gratification, which doesn't go according to moral rule, legal regulations and is without consent.
Sexually inappropriate behavior can include verbal or physical abnormal behavior. The physical inappropriate behavior includes rape, sexual touching, fondling, disrobing and masturbation.
The verbal include - sexual advances, speech that has very high sexual content and constantly demanding or referring to sex.
2. Why does this happen?
It happens more in Males, but doesn't mean it ain't present in females.
There are many reasons for a perfectly normal adult to develop this type of behavior.
The 3 most common reasons are -
1. Hormonal imbalance due to various medical disorders.
2.  Neuro-Psychiatric diseases like Dementia, Alcoholism, Psychosis, Drug overdose, bipolar mania, Sexual OCD.
3. Very high Ego - This is normally expressed onto those who are "at a lower level in social hierarchy". Egoism blinds the mind. The oppressor feels he/she can do whatever they want with the victim. They feel the fear of their position will make the victim keep quiet.
(common victims are the younger in the family to junior workers at work)
3. Treatment?
- The root cause is looked upon.
- A detailed neuro-psychiatric evaluation is essential part of therapy.
- many patients require MRI-brain among other investigations.
- Medications are the only treatment. Counselling is attempted only after proper course of Medications.

Mind Mantra Message -
When you'll come across such patient, you'll feel disgusted or angry. Beyond all the shouting, yelling and abusing.. the most essential thing is to help them get a cure for their sickness.

- Dr.Hemant Mittal
www.mindmantra.in - eksoch@gmail.com 

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