Valentines Day - Hearty - Heartbroken - Heartless!!

Its nearly the end of 14th February or Valentines Day.
The beauty of this day is that its a wonderful teacher.
It teaches you 3 beautiful aspects of Love -

1. Hearty - Today If your loved one fulfilled your expectations, you'll feel super elated. Happiness will take over you and you'll feel like dancing in love.
This is the madness of love - it takes you into a different world.

2. Heartbroken - If your loved one didn't meet or rejected your expectations, you'll feel sad. You'll cry in sadness, heart will be full of pain.
This is the power of love. It takes a second to destroy your mental peace. No matter how powerful, rich or famous you might be.

3. Heartless - If your loved one doesn't care about you, and is enjoying with someone else. You'll become full of anger. You'll become heartless.
This is the devastation of love. - love can give all its power to anger. Anger will blind you, and lead to any extent of destruction.

Remember Love is always present in Hearty, heartbroken or heartless person.. Its just the expression that changes.

Valentines day is a great Teacher... Let its teachings guide you towards growth, happiness and positivity of Love.

written by-
Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist -

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