The Power of - "I Love You"

Its Valentines Day eve. As much as we say that love has to be celebrated year long, everyday of life... Thanks to mainstream media, for a great number of people Tomorrow is the most important day for expressing their love.

Everyone's expression of love should be respected.

So if you are someone for whom Valentines Day is very important, than its also important that you understand the power of - I LOVE YOU.

"I Love you" is a universal statement. A child can use it for this mother, a brother for his sister, a friend for his friend and a lover for his lover.

What does "I love you" mean?

1. Acceptance - you accept someone whole-heartedly.

2. Non-discrimination - you don't compare or measure your love. You give 100%.

3. Commitment - You stay together in good times and bad times. In sadness and in fun.

4. Promise - You give 100% loyalty.

5. Sharing - You open your heart and mind. You don't sharing every part of your life.

6. Expectation - You expect certain degree of reciprocation. (this is variable from individual to individual)

What is the Power of "I Love You"?
When said with 100% emotional strength - "I love you" - destroys your mental boundaries. It makes you psychologically vulnerable. You give another person a complete control over yourself.

In return you get to experience the feelings of ecstasy, euphoria and peace of mind.

KNOW THE POWER of your "I love you".
DON'T WASTE your "i love you"

Love is a continuous celebration..!!


written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist -

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