Board Exams - Tips for Parents

The board exams are a few weeks away, and stress levels are on an all-time high.
While Children are trying their best, here are 5 tips for the Parents.

1. Expectations - Accept your expectations and don't just say "I just want my child to give his best". It sends mix signals to the child.

2. Ego - Are you associating your child's results with your social image. Think?? are the results so important so that you can socially show-off how "proud you feel". Is it right to do so??

3. Love - will the results change your love for your child??
Is love a business- if your child doesn't get the marks you expect, will you feel cheated or love her less?
have you told your child this?? or does your child feel he will become unwanted if he doesn't meet your expectations?

4. Talk - Is your communication with your child based on commanding and controlling his behavior?. Do you listen to him? To you let him/her talk freely without judging or suggesting or counselling?

5. Detach from the Result. - The most difficult and important thing is for you and your child to detach from the results.
Remember the golden rule - A result can never defines a childs future.
And if you think a single result defines life, then there is a lot of personality empowerment you still need.

Detach yourself from it. Love your child and accept his/her efforts. Celebrate their efforts.

Invest in Love.. and you will get Love in return.

written by -
Dr.Hemant Mittal
Psychiatrist -

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