I start a diet in the morning and it fails by evening!!!

Every Day I meet many people who consult me regarding their continuous failure to comply with weight-loss.  

Be it the middle-aged housewife, that college girl, or the man who has been diagnosed with high BP due to obesity, weight-loss is one of the toughest exercises to endure by any individual.

Thou I could write pages on this topic, I will love too focus on 10 main reasons why 99% of you fail at weight-loss:

1. Assumptions - like every medicine is not adjusted for every body, every diet ain't suitable for every person. The earlier this myth is broken, the better.
2. Lack of Motivation - most diet plans are started out of "necessity" and "social needs" rather than self-motivation. 
3. Comfort Eating - Food is the easiest way to feel good. 
4. Peaceful Sleep - many people forget and many more don't even know that a peaceful sleep is essential for burning fat and decreasing appetite. 
5. Starvation mechanics - starvation is a two edged sword... while you stop eating, it creates a calorie deficit which is filled by excessive deposition of fat. 
6. Boredom.- The more bored you are in life, the greater the chances of using food as a way to "time pass".
7. Peer Pressure - Friends never understand your "need" to lose weight. They will always pressurize you to have that one small piece of cake, french fries or burgers.
8. Save money or burn fat - Food outlets love to make food addictive by giving super-sized meal combo options. The prizing and the image of getting much more for less, makes people over-indulge in eating.
9. Lack of Love - lack of love or aim in life, leads many to think about food.
10. Marketing - Every marketing professional will tell you that the one and only motive of every single print or media advertisement from the Food and Beverage industry is based on the single philosophy of making the food so appetizing that it can make "anyone hungry".

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