The Yoga for Devotion

Why is that everyone who prays to god doesn't get what he wants?

The answer is simple and known to most. When most people pray, they feel their duty ends with reciting a few words. 
A prayer doesn't end with words, it starts with it. Further it has to develop into actions. It's these emotional and behavioral changes that help purify yourself to receive the blessings of god.
This action is called the Yoga of Devotion.

What is the Yoga of Devotion?
As the great saint Jagatguru Kripaluji Maharaj has mentioned:
The foundation of devotion is Humility. Humility is the power of having respect for others without seeking any compliments, being humble and always forgiving. 

Devotion starts, stays, and develops only on the basis of humbleness. Any touch of pride and ego spoils it, just like a pinch of salt spoils a cake. Pride or ego is an obstacle in devotion. Humbleness of a devotee develops dedication to God that prepares him/her for divine grace.

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