RESPONSIBILITY - are you ready?

Every day, every week, every year I meet people at my clinic or at “coffee-shop counselling” for personality development. The one issue that most commonly people battle is the fear of taking responsibility.
Be it at job, home or their personal health, the word RESPONSIBILITY immediately triggers stress, anxiety and panic.

When many ask me what is the Mind Mantra for responsibility, I say it’s simple -  IF IT HAS TO BE DONE, I WILL DO IT.

Unfortunately for this mantra the pre-requisite is that your personality should be  ready to accept it, imbibe it and practice it.

Well the answer lies in the following questionnaire.  I call it the “responsibility questionnaire”... Just go through the questions and answer in YES/NO

1.     Do you get uncomfortable or restless when there is silence?
2.     Do you keep apologizing for everything, even if you were not involved for the cause of the hurt/failure/harm?
3.     You have problem being strict. You keep forgiving people who are repeatedly making mistakes?
4.     You take it as your duty to give others and yourself “excuses” for the behaviour exhibited by the above (point 3) repeated offenders?
5.     When exposed to a sudden challenge your first reaction is of “Fright”. Your brain is instantly loaded with negativity about the situation?
6.     You try to be in everyone’s good books. You find it difficult to behave badly with someone who is taking advantage of you?
7.     You constantly lose sleep, worrying about self and others?
8.     You crave for attention by others. Whenever you are neglected your mind is flooded with flashbacks of things you have done for others?
9.      You sacrifice your own happiness, just to be at the same emotional plane as your co-worker or family members?
10.  Do you harbour guilt?
11.  Do you constantly compare your life with those of others?
12.  Do you constantly feel you are lacking in responsibility?
13.  Meeting a senior or someone in a higher position is very stressful event, which you try to avoid?
14. You tend to take the blame for events and circumstances. Without analysing what or who caused them?
15.  You need someone to guide you at all times?

It’s very difficult to give a question by question break-up and what personality character it indicates. But in a general view:

Score yourself one (1) point for every yes you have given.

If you score 9 or more, then time to raise THE RED FLAG. It’s a sign of danger. You need to immediately modify your personality to make it adequate for responsibility taking, else you will land up battling clinical levels of stress, anxiety and depression.

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  1. i thk i hv this personality disorder .... i m always in a habbit of saying sorry as i thk i dont want to hurt anybody...i cant c someone sad or angry coz of me...but m in a habbit of saying truth which hurts n then i apologize for that...i never knew it is a disorder...thanks dr hemant..for the article