Power - Are you ready to become Powerful?

We don't need to look into the lives of Anna Hazare, Mahatma Gandhi, Barrack Obama, Hitler, Osama bin Laden, etc to know what the meaning of power is. We just need to focus on what is happening around us to see the thousands of men and women who are using power. 

I love to call Power an emotional substance. What do I mean by that, its one of the few emotions that crosses the subconscious barrier to bring about chemical changes, neuronal changes and structural changes within the brain.

Power like any other emotional substance is both addictive and corrosive. Thou whenever spoken off, power is majorly referred in context of politicians and tyrants, we conveniently forget how power is being mishandled by parents, friends, partners, managers, spouses, businessmen, etc ... the list never stops...The lure of dominance over others and the need to control others life is so intoxicating that it makes even the simplest of individuals into an manipulative game player.

A few properties of power that one has to always keep in mind- 

1. Mahatma Gandhi / Anna Hazare - Like its negative side, power has a very positive side. A man or woman of courage who utilizes power for benefit of self and others can become a great leader. A good leader has the ability to motivate, induce confidence and alleviate fear from everyone who comes in touch with him.

2. Napoleon / Hitler / Osama bin Laden- Everyone knows that power corrupts. And its more than often that a corrupted individual has higher chances of attracting power. Once powerful, a man without too a strong moral or ethical backup will leads his power towards self-destruction.

3. Control Freak - The control freak is an expression of Power mixed with inferiority Complex. He/She who tries to control every single movement of another person, is just expressing his/her insecurity. 
This is the most commonly abused power form. From parents who lack trust in their children, to possessive lovers, to overtly intrusive boss... control freaks are present at every step of your life. In most of the cases, they land up hurting you invisibly at emotional and psychological levels. 

Everyone wants to be a leader. Everyone thinks of himself/herself as the best manager for a situation. Before doing so, look into yourself and judge- 

"If your actions speak loud enough to inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, than you are a leader.
If you are ready to serve others with a fixed vision and without expectation of anything in return, you are a good leader.
If you just want to be utilize power for your personal gain, then you might rise to the top, but one day you will fall."

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