The Medical Representative Chronicles - Personal Branding

M.R's or Medical Representatives are the frontline foot soldiers in the LOC between doctors and pharma companies. Every evening I get a bunch of them neatly aligned outside my clinic, well dressed and prepared to present their products.

I remember my first exposure to a MR as a doctor. It was during my internship. It was during my 3rd day in  surgery posting, when this gentleman walked towards me and my professor with a big black bag. My professor was a terror, and that particular day he just "ripped" this guy apart.

Over the years I have learnt to respect the MR community. Not only have I learnt a lot from them, but also have found many of them to be very rich in a personality trait that the corporate world spends millions of dollars to acquire... The individual ability of "personal branding".

5 points about personal branding that a good Medical Representative can teach everyone:

1. Choice - Life is not always about choice. Many of the chaps who get into the MR community do so as the last resort. A successful MR is he who accepts that his line of work is not less than any one else, and directs his entire focus into shaping his career according to it.

2. Acting - Real Life is not like the movies. Every man has thousands of limitations. Deadlines, targets, personal desires, etc etc... Its a never ending list of personal and professional demands which keep cropping day in and day out.  A successful MR has to be an actor. He needs to know which emotions to take and which to let lose. He needs to have a smile on his face. No matter he is mourning the death of a relative, he needs to be a face that everyone will accept.

3. Not a salesman but an ambassador for the product - People recognize a salesman from a distance. That's when they start to bargain. They will always want an upper hand. A successful MR is an ambassador of his product. He is a walking and talking promotion board. He doesn't just sell it, he attracts you to buy it.
There is wonderful story to go with this point. A few years ago, when i was a psychiatry resident, there was one MR which everyone would make fun off. A guy who literally wore his entire basket of products over his body. From his tie to the watch he sported, everything beard the name of one of his products. His body language and way of interacting made no excuses about his love for his company. Surprisingly subconsciously most of us wrote his products. The names of his products just pegged and stayed in our memory till today. 

4. Advertising your deeds- If you walk an extra mile and keep your mouth shut, no one will ever care about you. But if you walked that extra mile and knew the words in which to convey it to your client, he would immediately develop a soft corner and take notice of you. A good MR makes sure he refreshes your memory in a non-hostile way. 

5. 24x7 - The most important concept of personal branding is "24x7". You cann't relax your guard anytime. 
A friend of mine who was poor in studies, and opted to take up a career as a MR failed miserably because mentally his duty ended with meeting the doctor. Vis-a-vis a successful MR is ready 24x7. His job doesn't end with the last "call". And he seeks to utilize his time for better professional productivity.

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