Depression - Why is it so important?

Depression - Why is it so Important?

Everyday I meet many people who have been sad and lonely for weeks, months and in many cases years.

The relatives (father, mother, wife, sister, etc) have a simple stance - " Why come to a psychiatrist? He/She ain't mad... Just feeling sad... We will give him/her some good counseling and they will improve!"

Why Do Repeated Counseling from friends and family Fail to cure the sadness and loneliness?

Answer - The human brain is an organ like no other. Misunderstood and lack of knowledge about it is present in a great majority, but everyone seems to be an expert in its functioning.

I am sure most people who feel only counseling or talk-therapy (as popularly called) will be aware of the fact that Depression has the following biological effects on the brain:
a. decreased blood circulation
b. decreased nervous functioning
c. decreased production of neuro-chemicals and hormones.

Over-all decrease of Brain activity leads to following symptoms of depression.
(anyone having 5 or more requires immediate treatment)
1.Sad or depressed Mood thru most of the day.
2. Decreased interest in activities
3. Sleep Problems - lack of sleep or excess of sleep
4. Weight Problems- Drastic Increase or Decrease in Weight in last one month.
5. Feeling Restless/ agitated thru out the day.
6. Slowing of thought process - not able to do things as quickly as before
7. Fatigue or loss of energy thru out the day.
8. lack of confidence in self.
9. Decreased Memory Power- decreased in the ability to think, concentrate, inability to take decisions.
10. Thoughts of leaving everything and going away, /or Thoughts of Suicide / Self-Harm.

Why does it require treatment?
Any part of the body that doesn't get proper blood circulation slowly starts to die.

in depression, not only blood circulation, but also nervous functioning and neuro-chemicals levels go down, hence-forth creating a 3-way harm and destruction of brain.

what treatment is effective?
treatment has to be based on a proper 40-45min evaluation of the personality of the individaul, factors and causes of stress and depression.
Only a detailed session can reveal the deep subconscious problems of the client.
based on it, a combination of two or more of the following is effective:
a. venting out - talking or actions thru which negative emotions are brought out
b. mental training - exercises thru which the brain is thought to be motivated
c. psychological helps - small techniques to battle episodes of high restlessness and anxiety
d. meditation techniques
e. medicines - psychiatric medicines are not always sedative and addictive and dont have to be taken for life.

if prescribed in the right way, the right psychiatrist can provide with non-sedative and non-addictive medicines used for only a few weeks.

also not always psychiatric medications are required, many times food and nutrient suppliments might be the problem.

many times ayurvedic and homeopathic medications also are very effective.

the psychiatrist should spend enough time with the patient to understand his/her problem and accordingly design a treatment for them.

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