The Secret behind The Law of Attraction

The Secret of Life... 

A common question many people ask me is ... Does the law of attraction really work?

My personal and professional opinion and experience on the same - YES IT DOES.

Unfortunately, most people have a misconception about the law of attraction. People take it as a psychological a magic trick or an emotional genie that will satisfy all their desires.

For most, people forget that its a law.. And it has clauses that need to be followed.

Like any other human development law its very easy to preach but equally difficult to practice...

The vast majority who try to practice it fail because of the following psychological pattern their mind follows:

Phase 1 - first few week(s) -  they are euphoric and have a great sense of realization.

Phase 2 - the euphoria dies down. The person might feel the peace within, but slowly a sense of ego start to rise .
Escaping from problems is thought to be a part of law of attraction.
Considering yourself more knowledge to others, creates instant judgement about them.
Negatives thoughts are harboured for a few minutes.

Phase 3 - back to square one - the law is used more like a door-mat to cover up for mistakes, desires and needs that haunt the mind.
the law becomes an excuse.
negativity is back to square one.

The TRUTH- If you truely want to have the power that the law of attraction provides, you have to be ready to break comfort zone.

Its a Law.. and as every law, it has clauses that need to be satisfied. Without satisfying these all your emotional, financial, physical and psychological desires will never full-filled.

If you truely want to be part of the great psychological and spiritual frame where this law works.. Be ready to bring change in your emotional and psychological lifestyle... be prepared to live by the law.... every single minute, every single hour, every single day f...

If you Even fall once from its grace, you will have to start from zero.

The law of attraction is a blissful state not matched to any other... provided you are ready to accept and live by every single one of the following clauses, at every single moment of your life.

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