The Power Within You

Be it USA, Latin America, Europe, Africa or India.. one thing I have found common to the human race is that we love to JUDGE!!!
1. color
2. cast/creed
3. Religion
4. Money...

the list is infinite..even something as insignificant as a Cell-phone instantly creates an impression about the other person in your mind...

And why do we do all that, so that we can ultimately get -
1. fame
2. power
3. money
4. sex

and then I look at the photo below... and it tells me... The more you judge, the lesser of the above 4 will you enjoy...

Lets be frank.. We cannot Stop Judging... We can decrease it, but not stop it.

We can though, Start appreciating the Power of Human Spirit...

Imbibe and Accept the power to realize a dream... And take actions to achieve it..

No path is rosy... Nothing comes true without efforts... that only happens in the movies...

but every path is emotionally, psychologically and materialistically fulfilling...

no success is permanent and no failure is ultimate... be positive!!

Dr.Hemant Mittal
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