Mystic Pyramid of Subconscious Power

The Egyptian Pyramids are one of the most mystic symbols of energy flow in the world.

Science, Religion and Spiritually Enlighted gurus over the last thousands of years have vindicated what the Pyramids metaphorically thought us.

What is this Teaching - "As you start accumulating energy into a smaller space it becomes more and more powerful".

Subconscious Energy

The subconscious mind is a pool of infinite energy. Thoughts, emotions, behavior, aura, cosmic rays, this energy has hundreds of different names and forms.

The subconscious energy follows the same principle that the pyramids have thoughts us.
Just like electricity which can flow through infinitely long cable wires, but when passed through a small bulb can illuminate an entire room.

The power of Subconscious energy?

The greater your control over subconscious energy, the greater your control over the universe outside and inside of you.
The greater your control over the universe, the more powerful and enlightened individual you become.
The point will come where - Nothing is impossible.

Levels of Subconscious Energy -

1. The base of the Pyramid - Infinite restlessness -
Our subconscious mind is continuously restless.. There is an non-stop flow of emotions, thoughts, wants and desires... You see a new car you want it, you see life-style of rich and famous you want it... something bad happens the thoughts keep haunting you... You keep longing for a great memory
For example - a learned man once thought me - you walk today.. tomorrow you will wish for a cycle... once you get the cycle.. you will wish for a scooter... once you get the scooter... you will wish for a car... once you have a car... you will want a luxury car...
is it bad? NO... because that's how the basic level of our subconscious is programmed.

2. The first level of the pyramid - The choice -
From the infinite base of thoughts, desires and wishes you have to make a choice...
Making a choice isn't as easy as it seems.
Because this where our brain plays havoc.
The higher your restlessness, the tougher to make the right choice.

For example - If you see that your friend/family member has bought himself/herself a new TV, its natural to feel the need to buy the same or buy something better.
The moment you make the choice, your brain bombards with negative thoughts. Money, TV make, Offers, etc etc plague your mind and many times differ you from taking the decision.

3. The second level of the pyramid - Memory -
Our memory is the second most powerful source of energy we have.
If we have a bad/good memory regarding someone or something, no matter how much we resist it, we automatically land up judging.
For example - A good friend of mine, every time I would go out with him, he would suggest the same set of places and have the same set of foods he would order.
Once I asked him why such a set, he confidently said "tried and tested is better".
95% people think "tried and tested is better".. be it in choosing a restaurant, making friends or even loving self.

4. The Top of the Pyramid - The Subconscious Eye opener

Once an individual has been able to conquer his restlessness, make a choice and get rid of the negative memories associated with that choice, the time for acceptance comes.
The power of your subconscious eye opens up. You can see and experience what others cannot.
Anything you wish, desire or want automatically comes to you.
The world mirrors according to what you.

For example - When you go to a restaurant to eat, above of all things you want your plate to be clean. No one likes to eat in a dirty plate.
Once Your subconscious eye opens, your subconscious becomes a clean plate ready to accept the great and tasty food from the cosmic universe.

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