Beware of Manipulators

A manipulator enters your life very slowly.. He always shows you the bright and positive sides.. He always shows larger than life goals and success... Slowly slowly he makes you so dependent on him that you cannot imagine your life without him... A point comes were you even think you are in "love" with him... Without saying anything negative, you start thinking his way.. you speak his language.. you hurt those who are close to you... You think only he is right... You distance yourself from everyone... and slowly a point comes when you are just thinking about him.. just wandering around him... Then one day it suddenly hits you... you realize what a leech he is.. unfortunately by that time you have been severely hurt either emotionally, physically and/or financially... - Beware of Manipulators!!

They have no remorse for their actions.. And till you speak their language.. you feel that their actions are all justified and right according to morals.. They are masters at brain washing you!!!
Dr.Hemant Mittal (Neuro-Psychiatrist and Counselor)
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