My tryst with Hope

Few days ago I was invited by a Gynecologist friend of mine to have a cup of Tea at her clinic. She wanted to discuss some behavioral issues her teenage son was facing.

As driving through Mumbai is really a pain, on the planned day, I decided to couple a few things together. Things just happened faster than I planned and I reached her "infertility clinic", 2 hrs before the planned.

Not wanting to fight the "evening maddening traffic", I thought I would go into her clinic, have an early discussion and leave.
I entered her clinic and found that she was busy in the OT (operation theater), so would take around 1hr to meet me.
The wisest choice was to wait there and enjoy a good cup of tea.

Since by then her secretary knew I wasn't a "patient", the courtesy of waiting in the doctors private cabin with a spread of tea and biscuits was offered to me.

Something prompted me to decline that offer and sit in the waiting area.
There were 6 people... 3 patients and 3 people accompanying them.
I took a few minutes to settle down. Slowly my eyes glanced around.. I had eye-contact with all those seated there. It was amazing, each person's face and aura said a different story. Every persons body, sitting posture and way of talking said a different story... Above all every single person's eyes told a different story.
Among all those differences, there were 2 emotional threads that attached each and everyone of them... Sadness and Hope.

When you look into the eyes and experience the aura of a 30-35yr woman whose only desire is to be a mother, you not only feel... but experience pure sadness...
I remembered my days as a Gynecology intern.. the first time I helped deliver a baby I was so thrilled.. but the real happiness came when I saw the eyes of the mother who took her little bundle of joy in her hands and kissed him on the forehead.
Today sitting there, I could see 3 woman who every second were thinking when would they experience that moment.
The sadness of every single day passing by without that happiness being in the horizon, was killing them from inside. It was like walking into a dark heart, a heart that was struggling to let light be alive.

When you see into the eyes of a plus 35yr old man, whose eyes go moist on seeing small children, you know he is not ready but desperate to experience the bliss of fatherhood.. but destiny is testing his patience drastically.

When you see such pain in their hearts and their minds, you know that its the same pain mentioned within the holy epic of Ramayan, that King Dashrath and his wives experienced.. And that's why every child should be a Ram and Laxman to his parents.

The eyes of a mother who is sitting with her daughter show sadness and helplessness. Having taken care of her daughter and provided her with all.. Suddenly here there is something the mother has no explanation or answer for. She wants to be a grand-mother, but first of all she wants to be a mother who takes care of her children.

I frankly felt like utilizing my waiting time, and help all of them battle this great negative of stress and sadness that was growing like a cancer in their emotional mind.. Unfortunately laws prevent me from trying to change every incidence of sadness I come across.

The flip side of the coin... was the great learning I took from all of them.. It was the power of Hope.

Amulets, Rings, tabeez, big files full of tests and documents.. were just a small physical example of the hope they carried deep in their eyes and their hearts.
Hope is one of the most amazing emotions humans have. The power of belief can actually move "psychological mountains".
It's also one of the greatest weapons that the angel of positivity has against its counter-part negativity.

It was over-powering to feel how those ladies and gentleman wake up every morning with a hope that today we will get a "good news"...
All of them had visited astrologers, alternate healers, "counselors", multiple gynecologists .. every time empowered with hope.. that this time it will "work out".

I have met and treated people who have got into depression because one exam went wrong or one job was lost... but imagine the plight of those couples who every time write the "exam of life" when they seek help of an astrologer, alternate healer, gynecologist or counselor... and every time the result is negative... multiple failures can even destroy the strongest of hopes...But there in front of me were 6 people who sat there with a lot of hope...

I thanked the psychological energy in the universe for giving me this opportunity to be touched by the amazing strength of their Hope.
Its not everyday that you get to experience an elixir that  re-vitalizes you and makes you more humane.
I picked one of the newspapers lying on the central table... and just before disconnecting into the world of the newspaper...
I gave a small smile to myself and the universal energy around me.


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  1. it is indeed HOPE which we should not destroy in patients.we should see the person in them and we have no right to destroy the Hope of any many of our physician community follow this truth i don't know sir.