"The modern day David vs Goliath"

Just reading some international news, I landed upon an very interesting and motivating piece. 4 Nigerian farmers today sued one of the biggest and strongest MNC's Shell for polluting their farms.
Shell in its typical corporate style has tried to keep the incident low.. But when you compare it with what is happening in India, you don't find much of difference.
I remember an episode from "Satyamev Jayate" where the speakers focused on Multinational companies contaminating our farm-lands with excessive use of pesticides. This makes the land unfertile and useless over a long period of time... but people never saw beyond the instant "money".
Walking through Malls in Mumbai, I get to see thousands of people who compromise on clothes, food or other consumer products that they might not be happy with.. but only a fraction of them complaints about it and demand change....
Others just "adjust" .. because they fear "fighting" against "big company".
A small incident that I experienced a few days ago. I was sitted next to a family, that was out for their "ritual" sunday dinner at the mall's food court. There younger kid, a 15-16yr old teenage boy, was given a 500 rupee note by the father and asked to get some burgers from the burger joint. The kid, jolly went and placed the order. He returned 15 minutes later, with a bunch of burgers and the remaining money.
The young chap seems to have not noticed that, one of the 50 rupee notes given to him was torn from the middle.
The father than asked the chap to use the remaining money and buy some "drinking water" from the nearby stall.
Within 5min, he came back smiling, asking for a replacement to the 50 rupee note.
The father told him to get the note changed from the "Burger joint". As it would be waste of money.
The kid suddenly got all anxious and started giving unwanted explanations to his father.
The father, took the 50 rupee note, and went to the burger joint. As he Asked for a replacement the employee on the counter said, that he didn't give that note.. and he couldn't accept a torn note.
This got the father angry and he raised his voice. For a minute the entire food court stopped to look at them.
The kid came running and got hold of his father, and took him away from there.
His face could tell me how embarassed he was feeling.. I could here how for the next 30min. he kept scolding his father for being rowdy.. and how insignificant is 50 rupees..
The mother joined his father-bashing chants and brought old instnaces when he had behaved the same..
and the daughter was trying her best to join them and at the same time hide her face... she continously taunted how today was the last time she was coming to this mall.. as now everyone would point at her... She prayed that no one she knew saw this so her "public" image is maintained.
The Father, just sat there grumpy and irritated.
I felt bad for the father, because he was fighting for what is right.. he was trying to teach his son the importance of every single rupee..
unfortunately he landed on the wrong foot.
People are loaded with fear... and when you go out to fight for your right they try to pull you back.. Their fear pulls you back..
But remember, if you are on the side of the right.. and even if you fight alone... keep fighting.. and even the greatest giants can be defeated.
After all David did defeat Goliath when everyone told him he couldn't

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