Bill Gates, Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar - The POWERFUL INTROVERTS

The Power of an Introvert

What is common between Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar,. Warren Buffet, Bill Gates and a few thousand people that have met in my clinic or at workshops over the last few years?

They all have been Introverts at some point in their life.

The moment an individual is labelled as introvert, he/she is automatically looked upon as weak.

Today, I am going to break that myth. If you are introvert, you have amazing power and energy stored inside of you.

Based on thousands of "introverts" i have met and counseled, here are some of the myths that people have and truths people fail to see:

1. Introvert, the deadly Label - Lets accept it being Introvert is not a disorder or mental weakness. See Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Mukesh Ambani.. They are among the most powerful men in the world... Are they weak.. I guess they can make you weak... So stop thinking that an introvert is mentally unstable or is mentally weak.

2. Shyness – They are not always shy. They have a problem starting or maintaining a conversation. Knowing their own short coming they prefer to keep quiet.
I remember a patient of mine, whose parents complained he just replied in yes/no or single sentences. I had a counseling session with the gentleman that went on for 2hrs. And he did all the talking. Why? because i didn't judge him. I was open to listen to him.

3. They don’t talk – They love to talk. But for them to talk, they need a topic which they are comfortable with, they need a person who encourages and appreciates their views on that topic.

4. Friendships Skills – Introverts are probably the best and most loyal friends any individual could have. Since they interact and open up to only a few people, they love those people many times more than others would.
Unfortunately because they are not "outgoing" they are labelled as "boring". I remember a counseling an adolescent who was bad at planning but was very great following plans. His friends labelled him "boring" for lack of "adventurous" ideas and left him.... He being an introvert kept lot of his feelings bottled up. He went into depression. This caused him extreme emotional pain.
He was positive enough to take the emotional pain and channelize it. He accepted his "personality", accepted a lot of his powers.. and went to enjoy life much more than ever before.

5. Social skills – If they have a problem starting or maintaining a conversation, they might just focus on speaking the relevant issues. Creating a perception of “high headiness” or “high attitude” around them.

6. They stay alone – Because people don’t understand them, they develop ways of day-dreaming and staying happy within their own thoughts.

7. Don’t have Fun – Their brain is sensitive to noises and high adrenaline rushes. This doesn’t mean they cann’t have fun. Their definition of fun is different. But if you are ready to try their way of fun, you can have the time of your life!!!

I am thankful to every introvert who I have met... I thank them for teaching me the supreme power in their subconscious mind... and I thank a lot of them who have been able to channelize that energy to be such a motivating force to self, me and society.


Hrithik Roshan, Karan Johar, Warren Buffet and Bill Gates did it… so can YOU AND ANYONE ELSE!!!

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