The "psycho" with a golden heart

Nadeem (name changed), has been a patient of mine for nearly 3years.
A 34years old, young chap from Mumbai, he has been through a very rough ride in life.
He started suffering from Paranoid type of Schizophrenia at the age of 15years... Having failed in his exams, an abusive father and a family history of the disorder were all cases for it to start.

For last 20years he has been battling the ignorance of the society.
Initially his family didn't understand his problem and they took him too all "black-magic" healers possible.
Side by side his parents would beat him, so that he stops behaving oddly.
Nearly a year later he was taken to a psychiatrist who put him on extremely heavy medications.
For next 15years, Nadeem only slept, ate and slept.
His family members, the people in his vicinity, neighbours would call him "psycho".
If he would go out for a walk, children, shop keepers and adults would shun him away, with slangs like "mental, psycho, idiot"
He was so afraid that he wouldn't leave his room, with the fear of what people would say and do to him.

5years ago he started working for an automobile repair shop near his home... Slowly slowly he learnt new techniques and applied them.
He wasn't the most proficient of all the workers, but was able to do all his work perfectly.
A few weeks ago, someone stole a huge chunk of money from the cashier. Immediately people pointed fingers at Nadeem.
Already fighting the ghosts of a paranoid disorder, it seemed that he would relapse and go back into his own world.

The next day of being accused of stealing, Nadeem went to the owner and gave him a small box. On opening the Box the owner saw a lot of 100 rupees notes stacked in it.

Nadeem said- "Seth, yeh meine pichle 2 saal mein paisa bachaya hai... kuch logo ki tips hai.. kuch pagar ka... aap isko raakh lo... meine chori nahi kiya... but mere ko yaha se maat nikalo... mere ko vapis uss duniya mein nahi kohna.."
( sir, this is my savings for the past 2 years.. Some from tips.. some from my monthly savings.. You keep it all.. But please don't fire me... I don't want to go back into that dark world of mine")

The Boss initially got angry, and told him he didn't want his money.. but shortly realized how wrong he was to accuse Nadeem of such.
The culprit was caught.. and it was the same guy who had started blaming Nadeem for the incident.

We get so blinded by Labels... That we just judge everyone based on that.

Everyday I meet men and women who have tortured by the labels like Psycho, Mad, Moti  (Fat), Ugly, Slut, easy, ... and no one seems to try and spend one minute understanding the real heart and soul behind those destructive labels.

Even the most handicapped man in this planet can teach you something.. don't close your learning process by calling him a handicapped.. learn from him, and I promise you, your soul will be enriched.

Dr.Hemant Mittal
(Neuro-Psychiatrist, Mental Health and Sexual Health Healer,
Motivational Writer/Speaker and Counselor)

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