OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

One of the silent mental health problems, taunted to affect 1 in every 5 adult within the next 15years.

Broadly, OCD can be said to be a combination of the following mental process : -

1. Recurrent thoughts, images, or impulses that are experienced as intrusive and inappropriate, causing marked anxiety or distress

2. these are more than simple worries about life.

3. A person puts in all efforts to ignore, suppress, or neutralize these thoughts but fails on the same.

4. Most people Recognize this to be a product of their own mind

5. Compulsions may be present or not. They are behaviors or acts that you feel driven to perform although may recognize them as senseless or excessive. At times you may try to resist doing them but this may prove extremely difficult. You may experience anxiety that does not diminish until the behavior is completed.

6. Such an emotional and behavioral pattern subjects a Person to develop extreme fear, negativity, decreased self-worth, introvert lifestyle, sadness and loneliness.

The most common OCD patterns observed are:
a. cleaning and keeping things in order
b. sexual thoughts and masturbation
c. washing hands or taking bath
d. checking – locks, switches, etc
e. special sequence of numbers/words to be repeated before and after an action
f. mental list reviewing or mental list making.
d. constant recurrent memories of traumatic experiences in life.

OCD has to be carefully assessed.
1. there is no magical cure for OCD
2. Because its invisible doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
3. You cannot just stop the brain from having the symptoms.
4. Depending on the various degrees, types and presentation of OCD it can be treated by:
a. relaxation techniques - meditation/ deep muscle relaxation/ self-hypnosis
b. counseling - CBT or REBT
c. Medications -

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