Importance of Emotions in Our life

In my line of work, anger and irritation are two friends that walk by you side by side.
Every day I get to meet them in very different shapes and sizes.
A few weeks ago I had a rather unusual case.
Mr.Patil (name changed) walked in to my consultancy rather confused and irritated.
After the initial pleasantries, I asked him "Mr.Patil, how can I help you?"

He replied "It's not me, its my wife... I feel she has some psychological disorder, and I need your help"

I queried further - "sure, I would be able to guide you better, if you tell me what symptoms she is showing"

He replied... " its rather confusing, but nowadays she is always at peace...

How do I put this? Well, she was not always like this... She was always "normal".
We have been married for 7yrs, and I have always come home to find a wife who is Restless, ambitious, jealous, fun loving, romantic, sometimes very angry... just a perfect mix of everything...

(after a deep breath and a small pause)

10 months ago she went for a trekking trip... While returning back her car suffered an accident and her sister died..."

(looking around the room).. he continued

"well initially she was very severely depressed..all the time she felt guilty for what had happened.. just kept crying and just withdrew into her own world... it was really tough... we just didn't know what to do... it was embarasing and awkward to talk to her... and though we all supported her.. no one could go ahead and really relate to her pain.
We tried to be practical.. and advised her to be the same... you know... classical lines "Jaane wala chala gaya, aab aapni life aage badhao"

6 months ago, I thought that having her work in a orphanage would be great. It would help her come out of this.
She started going there and too my surprise within weeks she was much happier.
It was like if I was getting my beloved wife back.. I desperately was waiting for the day, when I would desperately hold her and kiss her... tell her how much I love her.. and how much I have missed her all these days!!!

Then suddenly things started changing... She slowly slowly peaceful.
It was as if she was always happy in the moment..
I got a new luxury car she smiled.. Earlier she would be jumping all around.

Her maid left.. she smiled... Earlier she would have called everyone and complained about the lack of people.

We got late and missed a movie... She just smiled.. Earlier she would have shot my head down with her words.

My daughter got mildly ill and used it as an excuse not to study, she tended to her wonderfully and smiled at the kids every single demand... Earlier she would have thrown a panic attack for her missing her studies.

I feel helpless.. She is always happy in every situation!!!"


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