Elder Brother vs Younger Brother

"As human tendency we get too comfortable and it becomes very difficult to accept change"

Mohan (Name changed) was brought for counseling by this elder brother Pradeep (Name changed).
They both had a 15year age difference.

Since he was 25yr and started earning, Pradeep looked upon Mohan as not only his younger brother, but with love equal to that a father has for a son.

The love was truely reciprocated.. And somewhere Pradeep started dreaming of greatness for Mohan.
He educated him, he pampered him with all gifts... so much so, that he would buy new shirts and cell-phones for Mohan, and himself use the one's he had discarded.

Today Mohan is 24yrs of age and Pradeep is 39yrs. Pradeep is married with 2 children, but his love for his younger brother is even greater to all.

6 months ago, Pradeep discovered that Mohan was not performing well in his work-place. On further inquiry he found that he had fallen in love with a collegue and the relationship never took off.
He spoke with Mohan, tried to counsel him and help him come out of it. He bought him a few electronics and gave him a small holiday so that he could refresh himself.

A few weeks later, by chance he discovered that it was not a collegue but a "friend" of his.

He investigated further and found out that Mohan, had was actually having a relationship with a "call-girl".
This broke his entire belief system.
He also found that Mohan had been caught stealing money thrice at his workplace, to fund his "love and lust" habits.

Mohan had more than 2 Lakh rupees of debt and once had even borrowed money from a friend on the lie of his father having suffered a "heart attack".

Pradeep couldn't take it, he went to visit Mohan. Over there both brothers had a verbal fight which eventually became physical.
Pradeep beat Mohan, but the thought of his brother's behavior destroyed his entire mental peace.

Since then he has taken Mohan to several places. Various astrologers, various counselors and various doctors.
I happened to be one of the great list of "healers" that they plan to visit for some "instant cure".

Medically speaking Mohan suffers from a Personality disorder that was fueled by excessive love, excessive protectionism.. lack of sense of responsibility and lack of vision about the future... the need for instant gratification is so high that Pradeep loses his temper and insight of reality whenever it is triggered.
His anger levels are so high, that he can steal, lie or even fight for satisfying his needs.

Even though Pradeep has keeps visiting many doctors and healers with the faith that someone will magically change his brother... He still blinded in love to accept that his brother will need medications probably for the entire life time.

Pradeep has asked me to post his story... as he wants to know from everyone, what should he do.?

What would you Advice to Pradeep.. How can he help Mohan?

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Neuro-Psychiatrist and Counselor)
email - eksoch@gmail.com

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