The Evil inside of Men

Once a guru taught me - "Every human being is a part of god... Look in others for the same god thats present inside of you".

I asked him, what about those people who harm others... Is god present in them also.

He laughed and said... "yes.. he is... but those people have chosen the path of evil".

I was perplexed... "kindly explain?"

"Ravan had god inside of him.. but his intellect and mind chose the path of evil... Kansa had god inside of him but he did the same... so they had to be destroyed??"

I was further perplexed and I asked... "can we talk about someone real everyday examples?"

He laughed further and said... "yes... manipulators... they are amazing in what you people call mind games..
they use their intellect and mind to create an aura.. that eventually causes more destruction"...

I wanted to hear more.. so I said, -  "kindly explain"

He said - "People investing their money in big schemes that fail...
People talking about achieving great riches but never making enough money to satisfy their own needs..
People who talk about giving great love, but aren't good enough to have a stable relationship in their life.. They aren't loyal enough to their own..."

Remember my young apprentice... - "A manipulator is a master mind, who uses his mind and intellect to over-come your power of thinking"..

"He always tries to behave as a messiah, as a protector, as your best friend, as your lover.. as someone who will always stand by you..

The Manipulator is one who is full of false goodness... Always thinking  good about those "close" to him...Behaving like a social renegade.. and talking about his powers to make things happen..."

"Just like that big scoop of ice-cream that seems so beautiful, tasty and nice... it appeals to all your senses..
and because you are just interested in satisfying those senses.. you forget how it can destroy your teeth.. your gastric system.. and increase your blood sugar level".

If you get addicted to that ice-cream.. and keep having it daiy for a long period of time.. it will cause diabetes!!!

By this time, you will say... I should have had less ice-cream...

What's the fault of the ice-cream..  i didn't take the right decision.. I ate too much of it.

A manipulator is that ice-cream that enters your life slowly... Always seems someone who will question and push you ahead...
He always questions your life-style.. questions your love-life, question...
what you are doing right .. and what you are doing wrong...

he then gives you answers.. and puts words in your mouth.. before you can think... he is much over you..
he is already making you dance to his tune..
you start speaking his language.. and having his thought process..

He always questions and talks about larger than life goals… but always lies about what he has done in life... will create false situations.. and make you believe they are right...

Slowly slowly he makes you so dependent on him that you cannot imagine your life without him…

A point comes were you even think you are in “love” with him… You consider him your protector, the one who is always there for you.. the one who will never leave you...

He will have small fights with you.. just to make you more dependant on him..

He will leave you for a few days, so you suffer withdrawal symptoms and you desperately run after him.

You cannot spend a month without him.. or without contacting him.

He will never be negative.. and always talk about "higher goals".. and "god".

You might try and control it.. but you become addicted to him... you cannot leave him.. and you'll deny that you are addicted to him.

You will defend him with all your energy.. You will call him perfect..

You will spend days trying to distance from him.. but the moment you meet him, you feel that life is all secure.

When he is completely secure of you being dependent on him.. He will start manipulating you... He will make sure you do everything he wants.

roam around at places he wants.. eat stuff that he wants...
you will take a while before you realize that your thought process, your life-style and even you language is just an extension of that individual..

From then onwards he will rule upon you.. and you will crave for him too rule upon you...

You will call it SELFISHNESS... You will call it, I am being free... but actually there is nothing you can do without his approval.
you just don't realize it.

By the time you understand it... your social circle, your love-life, your self esteem, your personal believes, your financial status.. will have been dented... Even you might have been physically and sexually exploited... – Beware of Manipulators!!"

"Just like the ice-cream.. that will stand there and entice someone else... Same is the manipulator... he will have no remorse for their actions.. They feel what they do is right.. They have no emotional understanding about others feelings... They will keep brain washing for their evil self.!!!

I looked a little concerned... to which they great one said...

"Its so easy to jump and indulge into something...while everything is going good your pride will say "I did it"..
when things go wrong... you will say "I took wrong decisions, I deserve it".

Look beyond self-blame..look at your intellect and your mind.. use them...god has given them, so that you use them for your own benefit... don't let others use it for their benefit."

Dr.Hemant Mittal (Neuro-Psychiatrist and Counselor)
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