Appraisals - Its THE WAR not just another battle!!

One of the most successful “carrot and stick” approaches in the corporate world is the “magic trick” of “Appraisals”.

Appraisals can be compared to the “exams results” in school. Majority of student wait anxiously for the results… There are so many expectations, so many ideas and so much energy invested in the same. Similarly, every “corporate resource” looks towards appraisal season full of anxiety. There are dreams, desires and needs that are directly or indirectly attached to the “appraisal” performance.

Every Year I get hundreds of people emailing me or coming to my clinic for counseling.. due to the high anxiety and depression caused by “poor appraisal” performance.

Helplessness, unjustice, unfairness, lack of support... evil boss... anger... guilt of being stuck in the job... are some of the emotions that dominate their mind...
These create a lot of negativity.. which comes out as irritation and fights at home... scolding children and parents for no reason..
criticizing for no reason...
lack of sexual desires..

 Here are few points one can use to be more in control of the appraisal:

Till you boss doesn’t adore you. Or you ain't related to someone in the senior management, your BOSS will always be EVIL.

There are NO GOOD bossess.. you are always JUST THE BOSS.

The first point to understand is that NO COMPANY wants to PAY MORE.. specially when they can use "flowery" language to manipulate your psyche.. and make you feel guilty for "below par performance"

The BOSS or the HR heads are designated to create this guilt in you..

I have met people from both sides... sometimes BOSS or HR heads mix their own personal EGO's with the flowery language to create a deadly cocktail of "corporate insults"... this eventually is aimed at breaking his/her confidence and desires.

2. Are you Ready?
Now that you understand that appraisal is a battle between you and you… how prepared are you when you go for an appraisal meeting.
This is where planning helps.

I met hundreds of employees who walked into an appraisal meeting unprepared, and came out feeling like "idiots".

It pays to be prepared...
Make sure you spend a sunday or a weekday, to gather every single email,
gather good notes about yourself,
try to have documentation proof of your extra hours in work.. every single extra efforts you have put forwards.
gather recommendations from clients...
gather every single detail that can help you..



Do you know your organizations “key performance indicators”.. If NO, its great time to read them. Make sure you make notes.
Many deadline based jobs require more last minute effort.. Make sure every minute of your effort is counted.
Don’t let them portray you as a “lazy bum walking in the park”.

4.Questions and Answers
Most appraisal meetings are a charged-up emotions releasing exercise where the boss keeps bombing the employee with questions, and the employee just keeps trying to save his grace.

Be ready with numbers, fact and set of planned questions you would like to ask back. This will give a great impression of you being an “organized” and “valuable” resource for their team.

5. Work Matters
Many of you are always looking for a short cut to success… I am sorry to say, the only way to success is hard work and proper networking.

Always try to keep your performance high.

If you are having emotional, relationships, family, memory or concentration problems its better to solve them by seeking professional help. Because when you use them as excuse to justify the decline in performance, your leave a very negative impression about yourself.

If you play it SMART.. not only can you get a good Appraisal.. but also change their Attitude towards you.

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