Female Psychology - Increase your charm

Psychologists and Psychiatrists spend a great deal of their time analysing the dynamics of Human Relationships.
One such part of psychology is analysing and studying those behavior patterns which increase charm.

5 female charms or behavioral traits which scored highest in various psychological studies about relationships are - 

1.) Just say hi.

Most men are very shy animals. They like to show-off to attract women, but many are scared of saying Hi.
They feel a rejection will hurt their "image".

There is only a very small percentage of those who can conquer this fear.

So women who "facilitate" a man to come out of this fear, automatically becomes very attractive.
If someone attracts you-

“Just say the first hi”.

2.) Don’t show-off your knowledge, create a challenge instead.

Men are loaded with ego.
When they have to battle to prove their ego, that kills the charm.
It becomes a psychological battle that more than often end with anger and irritation.

The more knowledge or discussions you get into, the less affection you develop.

Real Men love a challenge. So learn the art of gently poking fun and laughing.
The challenge to be able to prove their ego right, makes men run after a girl.

3.) Learn to Listen.

Men love to talk.
There are two ways of making a men quiet.
One is by force... You keep on talking talking talking and he is forced to listen to you...
Until or unless he isn't "sexually" in love with your body, he will start to feel irritated and aversive to talk to you.

The second way to make men quiet, is by listening to them. Once you let a guy talk, let him vent out all his feelings, you will create a special place in his heart.

4.) Don't Jump to give opinions

Real Men are Raw… While a new age breed spends hours in vanity, those who are determined to achieve success in life, are out there doing something.

Most guys are very possessive about what they love. Be it their workout, friends, cars, bikes, etc... They might criticize it, but if they love it.. they cannot listen to negativity about it.

Don’t jump to give an opinion about everything…

I once counseled a very successful Senior Manager in a Fortune 500 company. He was great success in his professional life, but a failure in his personal life.
Every single relationship of his had miserably failed.
When I inquired further - I found this guy to be extremely sensitive about his friends, profession and material wealth.

If a girl criticized him spending thousands of rupees in a single night partying with friends, he would immediately label her as "bad".
He was an extreme case, and needed a lot of counseling to "adjust" and "understand" girls.

but most guys are sensitive about their likes and dislikes... so be careful in your opinion.

5.) Touch therapy.

Most Men are really uptight but deep inside, extremely gulible. They are like small kids who loved to be touched and hugged.

They like to keep it light and specific in public... But they have specific "comfort points".
A small pat on the back, holding hands to cross the road, a small pinch on the cheek... can send shivers down their spinal cord.

Learn to use touch therapy to your benefit... and men will fall to you feet.

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