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1. Question – Hi, i am in love with a guy. He loves me too. Initially, everything was going well, but that’s not the case anymore. We fight a lot about petty issues. This has increased my frustration and stress levels to such an extent that i feel like committing suicide. I am scared that we will break-up. Please help.
Answer – Hello ABC, thanks for writing in. Remember suicide is a cowardly escape from a situation that can be changed to positive that can work out better in the long run.
Increase communication in your relationship. Love has to be a two-way flow of sharing, care, appreciation and giving. If it’s one-way, it leads to insecurity. Talk to him without giving explanations or expecting explanations. Tell him where he needs to change and ask him where you need to change too. Agree on a common ground. Rediscover your love and celebrate it. Knowledge without action is of no use. And action without knowledge is of no use. Don’t just know you love each other, act upon it.
2. Question – My husband has kept my 10 year old son, who is in fifth standard in a boarding school in Nashik without my permission and wants to keep him there till class 10. Whenever, I call my son he cries, and says that “I don’t want to stay here”. Should I listen to my husband or my child?
Answer – Hi, I salute you for the immense strength you are showing. A mother’s heart and mind is always in tune with her child. Your son is very young and the initial months at the boarding can be difficult to adjust. Talk to your husband, find out the reasons why he has decided to put him in a boarding. Keep aside your mother’s heart for a moment, and see if it was for the good of your son’s future. If his education, attitude, personality and discipline levels will improve by attending such a school, it would be more beneficial in the long-term..
3. Question – I am a student of first year architecture. i was dating a guy for more than a year. A few weeks back, we broke up. Since then I have been unable to concentrate on my submissions as I miss him a lot. I want him back in my life. I really love him, but he is over me now. We hardly talk and he is not interested in being in contact with me. Please help.
Answer – Hello X, The first thing is don’t blame yourself. The end of your relationship is a two-way process. Accept that your power to love someone and be loved is the core essence of your personality. This will help you become calmer and less restless, and get you beyond this rough patch.
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